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Optimizing Digital Libraries
Hi Google, let me introduce my Digital Library?
April 15th marked the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and stirred a flood of renewed interest in the tragic event. Digital Libraries around the world contain a lot of good information about Titanic; but if you're looking for that content in Google or other major search engines, you're unlikely to find it. Fact is, most digital library collections tend to either be at odds with the search engines, or have yet to be introduced to them. This is a problem with both the way digital libraries get marketed, as well as technological limitations of both search engines and the digital library software. 

Here's how to get the introduction between the two started.
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We're going to Disney... uh, ALA Anaheim
We're looking forward to the month of June, and an escape from New Zealand's winter with a trip to Anaheim for the ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition. We'll be exhibiting the latest Veridian developments at our booth in the tech section, #809. If you're going to ALA, be sure to stop in and say hello.
Are we downside-up?
If you are at all interested in crowdsourcing cultural heritage projects, you need to read this post by Trevor Owens, a digital archivist at NDIIPP. Trevor argues that too many libraries miss the point when it comes to their crowdsourcing projects. Rather than approaching the crowd as a means to an improved collection, the crowd's engagement with the collection should be viewed as the end in itself.

"The process of crowdsourcing projects fulfills the mission of digital collections better than the resulting searches." ~ Trevor Owens
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