DL Consulting April 2013 Newsletter

Building a Digital
    Newspaper Archive

In our blog posted on April 3, 2013 we added a handy guide as part of our series “Building a Digital Newspaper Archive.”  This step-by-step guide covers key elements required to take newspapers or other historic documents, turn them into digital images, and make them available online in a highly searchable format.  In the article we introduce and explain the following steps:

Step 1 – Planning
Step 2 – Scanning the pages
Step 3 – Converting scanned images to digital text
Step 4 – Using METS/ALTO to define OCR text
Step 5 – Choosing a presentation system
Step 6 – Loading the data and presenting your collection online

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Did you know...?

Did you know that in addition to a User Text Correction module, Veridian also supports a comments feature?   This feature allows users to attach comments to pages or articles within your collection.  Comments can be used as a method for registered users to communicate with the site administrator and with other patrons, cultivating a virtual community of users. They also empower users to enrich the collection by contributing their own knowledge.  Contact us if you would like to try the comments feature in your collection.

Did you know that the latest software edition of Veridian includes systems to improve search results for your collection?  In last month’s newsletter we described how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps Google discover your site.  With your next Veridian software upgrade your site will automatically receive enhancements that will optimize your site for Google indexing.  Contact us now if you are interested in learning more.

Featured Collection

This month we would like to introduce the Boston College newspaper archive.  Boston College is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and the archive collection features prominently in their sesquicentennial celebrations.  The Boston College collection presents three publications including two student newspapers, The Heights and 885, and a Catholic newspaper, The Sacred Heart Review.  To mark the occasion, Reeves Wiedeman, class of 2008 and 2006 Heights editor-in-chief, wrote an article for the Boston College Magazine.  In the article, Mr. Wiedeman provides an insightful history of the student newspaper, capturing the purpose and essence of the publication through cleverly recounted articles and anecdotes from the paper’s illustrious past.  In addition, Boston College created a website dedicated to the 150th anniversary.  The website lists celebration happenings and includes a daily history feature illustrating important events in the rich history of the college.  As Head of the Digital Library at Boston College, Betsy Post McKelvey was instrumental in the creation and launch of the digital newspaper archive.  Ms. McKelvey is pleased to have these collections available to the public and had this to say about the project, “Working with Digital Divide Data, Brechin Imaging, and DL Consulting on this project has been terrific.  A significant portion of our history has become unlocked.  Researchers and casual users alike appreciate the article level indexing and the user friendly interface.”  So, to all the Bostonians, Boston College alumni, and history enthusiasts out there, make sure you visit the collection and the sesquicentennial website for a very interesting look through the history of Boston College.

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