DL Consulting December 2012 Newsletter
Creating in or Converting Your Library to METS/ALTO
METS/ALTO has become the industry standard for converting a newspaper archive to a digital library.  Creating digital newspaper collections in the METS/ALTO format guarantees sustainability, maintenance, and the ability to share information between collections.  Recently, we have developed a simple process that takes collections digitized in Olive Software’s PrXML format and converts it to METS/A LTO.  Our recent blog on this topic explains the benefits of building or converting your digital newspaper library to METS/ALTO.   

Distributing and Marketing Your Collection

Elephind is proving to be a very useful tool for finding information across many of the world’s historic newspaper collections.  Elephind is a powerful search engine that provides fast, simultaneous access to digitized newspaper collections from around the world.  Located at, we believe that adding your collection to this site and directing your patrons here could be a simple yet effective way to market your collection.  If you are interested in adding your collection to Elephind, a free service providing by DL Consulting, please let us know.  Contact Us

Collecting Born Digital Content

What happens to content that is born digital and how are born digital files and collections managed?  Digital files could live in a variety of places, whether it is on a server, in the cloud, or buried in the document files on a laptop.   At DL Consulting we have been thinking about this problem and we have developed an online tool called the Born Digital Manager to help address this issue.  The Born Digital Manager is a web interface that allows a user to upload a PDF file to a server that DL Consulting hosts.  The file is saved with simple metadata such as title and date of publication.  These files can then be exported and converted to METS/ALTO for inclusion in a digital collection.
Our recent blog on this topic discusses how administrators at the California Digital Newspaper Collection (CDNC) at the University of California, Riverside, have been using the Born Digital Manager to collect PDF files.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.
Born Digital Content

Improve Your Collection With Article Assembly

Have you considered using crowdsourcing as a way to identify individual articles within your newspaper collection?  Converting page-level METS/ALTO data to article-level METS/ALTO data can be a very expensive process.  We believe there could be some value in turning this into a crowdsourcing activity.  Crowdsourcing is becoming a trusted and reliable method to improve content online and this certainly applies to digital newspaper collections.  We would like to invite you to comment on this idea.  What do you think are the pros and cons of using crowdsourcing for article assembly?  Is this a process you think could work for article assembly within your collection?  Contact us and let us know your thoughts.

Digitizing Images Using Document Transcription

At DL Consulting we created Veridian software to deliver historic newspaper collections online.  Did you know Veridian can also display collections of images?  We have developed a simple solution for uploading images to Veridian without going through the OCR process.  This process presents an easy and cost effective way to create an online collection of your valuable images. 
The user text correction tools in Veridian are flexible enough to allow users to simply add key pieces of information in a comments box, such as names, places, and dates, rather than transcribing the entire document.  The key words in the comments box become searchable, making it easy to find the image.
If you would like to find out more about Document Transcription, please contact us.
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