DL Consulting July 2013 Newsletter

The California Digital Newspaper Collection now Supports Tagging and Comments

This week, the California Digital Newspaper Collection, CDNC, received an upgrade to the latest version of Veridian software featuring support for tagging and comments.  The collection, which has supported user text correction since August 2011, now offers an even more robust set of tools allowing users to interact with the content and improve it by adding information that will help make the articles more discoverable.

Tags can be added by registered users to any article within the CDNC collection simply by selecting the article and clicking on the “Tags” field in the article reader window to the left.  Tags can be up to 64 characters long and are useful for labeling articles by type such as “marriage notice”, or keywords such as “civil war”.   Tags are then housed in a list users can browse through alphabetically.  The tag feature is designed to provide additional information about an article for improved search results or to categorize articles under a common theme.    

The comments feature is another way to add information about an article.  They differ from tags in that users can add an unlimited amount of text to describe the article or record ancillary information.  Comments are useful for words that are related to the article but don’t appear in the article.  As with tags, comments become part of the data set for the search engine to query.

Visit CDNC to see how tags and comments work.  If you would like to include tagging and comments features in your collection, please let us know.

Have you heard the rumbling?  There’s a virtual stampede of interest in Elephind among genealogists and historians happening right now!  Read what people are saying on,, AnceStories, Genealogy’s Star, and Online Historical Newspapers.   The main point being shared is that Elephind is a handy, free resource that should be a part of a genealogist’s toolkit.

See for yourself what the buzz is about and check out the new section called “PHinds” where we share articles covering significant events in history.  While you are there why not make your own PHind and email it to us, or tweet to #Elephind, @DigiLibCon.

Would you like the world to phind your digital newspaper collection in Elephind?  If so, just let us know…it’s free!
CCS launches Library Treasures app for the iPad

Recently, CCS Content Conversion Specialists, launched a new app for the iPad designed to display digitized library treasures in a “virtual exhibition of curated historical documents.”  The debut app features stories from the New York press covering the devastating Titanic disaster in April 1912.  The app includes 100 newspaper pages, keyword search, and a dynamic table of contents, showing how libraries can easily uncover and promote their rich assets.  The app is available for free at Titanic App in the App Store.
IFLA 2013 in Singapore

IFLA is just a few weeks away and we are busy preparing posters and presentations covering topics on Patron Engagement through Crowdsourcing and Marketing Cultural Heritage Digital Collections.  When we are not presenting, we would enjoy a chance to say hello.  If you are planning to attend IFLA send us an email to schedule a coffee and a chat.   Hope to see you there!
Psst!  Pass it on…

Do you know of a library or organization looking to digitize a collection of historic memorabilia?  Veridian software is the engine behind the high performance search and well-designed display of historic newspaper collections.  But did you know that it is equally suitable for any type of digital record including photographs, maps, manuscripts, letters, audio and video as you can see in this model collection?  Please share the news by forwarding this newsletter to friends and colleagues.  Thank you.
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