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Indus Heritage Day

Tomorrow: April 29, 2012  |  10am to 2pm  |  Milipitas, CA

A FREE event!

[Image: Ancient Indus Valley seal]

Indus Heritage Day is tomorrow!

We are excited to announce our first public event:  Indus Heritage Day.  Admission is free! In the San Francisco bay area we are teaming up with the India Community Center and Pakistani American Culture Center to bring you a free event that celebrates shared South Asian histories.  It is our goal to pique the public's curiosity and interest in South Asian history to foster preservation in the future.  For this first year, our theme will be the Indus Valley civilization.  We have an exciting day full of children's activities, film screening, dance, food, music and keynote lecture by a renowned Indus Valley archeologist.  If you reside in the San Francisco area, we look forward to meeting you there!

Join us in a rare Silicon Valley debut


Come discover the ancient Indus Valley

10am to 2pm  |  Sunday, April 29, 2012
India Community Center, 525 Los Coches Drive, Milpitas, CA
Come early to enjoy the food!

 10:00 am 
 Indus hat, jewelry and seal making.  Indus henna designs by artist Tisha.  Indus city building.  Ancient photo booth, Mohenjo Daro model room walk-through, and much more.

11:30 am
In search of Meluhha:  The untold story of Indus civilization.  Documentary film by Saqib Mausoof
Watch Trailer:

 12:00 pm
Ancient Cities of the Indus Civilization. Keynote lecture by leading Indus Valley archeologist, Professor Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.
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1:00 pm
Indus region dance and music by children from Xpressions dance company.

Register today.  It is free!

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