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     October 2019



     EASA event participation in October
    Stockholm Biannual Meetings 
    Biannual Meetings - Best Practice Awards

    Industry Workshop - Ensuring Trust in Influencer Marketing
     ARPP (France)
     AUTOCONTROL (Spain)
     DWR (Germany)
     RAC (Romania)
     Rada Reklamy (Poland)
     RO (Sweden)
     Russian National Advertising Forum


EASA event participation in September and October 

On 24 October, EASA's Director General Lucas Boudet gave a video speech at the Advertising Forum of Central Asia in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the lead of the Russian SRO AMI SR, the event brought together representatives of the advertising industry who discussed the development of local SROs in several Central Asian countries. "I hope that our family will continue growing to foster responsible advertising worldwide" said Mr. Boudet.

On 23 October, Justina Raižytė, Head of Development and Policy at EASA, presented at the Influencer Marketing Show in London. This event was attended by the industry’s content creators, brands, agencies and tech platforms. “Let Wild West be bygones and leave complex Matrix to Keanu - simply be responsible, disclose #influencermarketing, build trustworthy influencer marketing brand and when in doubt - ask SRO for advice!” said Justina, discussing ethics of influencer marketing.

On 2 October, ICC Croatia together with the Croatian Economic Chamber organised a conference on “Challenges of Responsible Advertising and Marketing Communications in the Digital Era”. On this occasion, the revised ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code was also launched. Alongside Raelene Martin, Knowledge Manager at ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising, EASA’s Director General Lucas Boudet delivered a keynote speech, highlighting that "One of the many assets of advertising self-regulation is its ability to quickly respond to technological and societal changes. This is perfectly illustrated by the ICC code's continuous updating with its 10th revision featuring rules addressing digital related matters." Mr. Boudet also took part in a panel discussion on the "Role and Challenges of Digital and Influential Marketing".

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EASA Biannual Meetings in Stockholm - 10 & 11 October, 2019
EASA’s Autumn Biannual Meetings, hosted by our Swedish member RO, took place on 10 and 11 October, 2019, bringing together more than 60 members and guests to talk about advertising self-regulation, current trends and issues.

Many informative sessions occurred on both days, including the Best Practice Awards Gala Dinner. Among guest speakers were Gustaff Hoffstedt from Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, Kerry Harrison and Richard Norton, founders of Tiny Giant as well as Dudley Nevill-Spencer, founder of Virtual Influencer Agency and Brent Sanders, General Counsel of Micosoft who delivered a presentation on standards in digital advertising. 

Best Practice Awards 2019 - Winners Announced!
The highlight of the Biannual meetings was the Best Practice Awards 2019 ceremony, hosted at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. We can’t share the delicious food from the evening, but we can give a glimpse of what happened at the ceremony!

This year EASA received 13 entries from 6 countries and 7 SROs. The jury was composed of representatives from the advertising industry – Tamara Daltroff, Townsend Feehan, Ilias Konteas, Julia Quintella, Richard Saturley and Dagmara Szulce. 

The jury’s representative, Richard Saturley from World out of Home Organization who also presented the awards, emphasized that “The judges were really impressed with the overall quality and variety of the entries which made choosing the winners particularly difficult,” before announcing the winners.

ASA (The Advertising Standards Authority) UK won the Platinum Award for their Avatar Monitoring project. This initiative received much acclaim for its ability to capture data and replicate online profiles of specific age groups – to monitor online display advertising of certain restricted products – alcohol, gambling, HFSS (high fat, salt or sugar) foods and soft drinks.

ARPP (Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité) France received the Gold Award for its AI programme, subdivided in 3 projects: deep learning proofs of concept, innovation/R&D workshops with the advertising industry and development of a chatbot ‘Jo’. 

The Silver award was won by Werberat Austria for their ‘Dos & Don'ts in Advertising’ guidebook. This guide functions as an orientation aid and a compass for advertisers, media, students, teachers, and politicians covering all aspects of ethics and morals in advertising. 

The judges selected two projects for the Bronze award.

Reklamombudsmannen (Ro) Sweden received Bronze for their book project ‘Regler’ which was designed to highlight relevant and highly topical questions on matters such as influencer marketing. 

Advertising Self-Regulation Council (SEE) Greece received Bronze for their work on stopping the display of inappropriate ads of carnival costumes for young girls in online stores. 

A Special Mention was awarded to AUTOCONTROL Spain for developing a Training Department in collaboration with other departments. 

We congratulate all of the winners!

EASA Best Practice Awards are presented every 2 years to the self-regulatory organisations (SROs) which have most effectively implemented an element of the EASA Best Practice Model – a set of operational standards for advertising standards bodies.

 You can read the full press release on EASA's website.
Group photo (left to right): Elisabeth Trotzig (RO), Jakob Rönnerbäck (RO), Markus Deutsch (Werberat), Andrea Stoidl (Werberat), Stéphane Martin (ARPP), Guy Parker (ASA), Eleni Donta (SEE), Charo Fernando (AUTOCONTROL); Photo (middle): Richard Saturley and Guy Parker (ASA); Photo (bottom) Richard Saturley and Stéphane Martin (ARPP)
Photo (top left): Andrea Stoidl (Werberat), Richard Saturley and Markus Deutsch (Weberat); Photo (top right): Richard Saturley, Elisabeth Trotzig and Jakob Rönnerbäck (RO); Photo (bottom left): Richard Saturley and Charo Fernando (AUTOCONTROL); Photo (bottom right): Eleni Donta (SEE) and Richard Saturley.

Industry Workshop - "Ensuring Trust in Influencer Marketing" 

EASA is organising a closed door industry workshop  - “Ensuring Trust in Influencer Marketing” - with an aim to provide an interactive opportunity for industry practitioners – brands, ad standard bodies and representatives of the leading influencer platforms (Instagram, Facebook) – to discuss the biggest challenges influencer marketing is facing today in building consumer and regulators trust and ensuring brand safety.

The workshop will take place on 2nd December, 2019 at Facebook Partner Center, London (half day morning workshop).

More information about registrations and participation will be shared shortly!

Deloitte Study on the French Advertising Self-Regulation Model

An analysis of the French advertising self-regulation model has been conducted by the Deloitte Finance Economic Advisory Team and currently published on ARPP website. Deloitte frequently conducts research for businesses and governments. This report identifies the advantages and disadvantages of the French advertising self-regulation model.

The conclusions of the report are very clear regarding the benefits of advertising self-regulation in France, even when compared to models of state regulation. They make it possible to debunk some well-established misconceptions, to decrypt approximations that circulate here and there and are reused without verification. This report provides new insights into self-regulation and invites us to explore wide scopes for this modern and efficient tool.
The main findings of the report are the following:
  1. Self-regulation overseen by ARPP ensures a high level of achievement of public interest objectives.
  2. Self-regulation overseen by ARPP meets the expected benefit of self-regulation in terms of efficiency.
  3. Self-regulation overseen by ARPP provides a greater degree of responsiveness to societal and market developments than a government agency.
  4. Self-regulation overseen by ARPP incurs no cost for taxpayers.
For more information, read the full summary in English here.

The Ministry of Health has published a new version of the Guide to advertising medicines for human use intended for the general public

Last June, the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare published the second version of the Guide to advertising medicines for human use intended to the general public. Representatives of the Ministry, the Association for self-care in Healthcare (ANEFP) and the Association for Self-Regulation of Commercial Communications (AUTOCONTROL), within the framework of the Collaboration Agreement signed by the three organisations, all participated in its review and updating.  

The objective of this Guide since it was first published in 2011 is to become a basic and essential tool that would benefit the actions of both the pharmaceutical industry, and the Health Department, harmonizing the interpretation of the current law in vigor on advertising.

As a result of the review and update carried out, the following main novelties are now available in the new version:

The incorporation of the principle of loyalty in healthcare within the specific principles of advertising medicines for human use intended to the general public, including ground rules such as to not use recommendations or testimonies from health professionals or employ statements suggesting a guaranteed healing.

A detailed attention to ensure the information included in the advertising of medicinal products is easily readable and visible.
Instead of the usual contraindications, cautions and warnings, the possibility of using the so-called "blue screen", with a “Refer to instructions for use of this medicine and consult your chemist” caption, not only on television but also on internet videos.

The addition of a whole section dedicated to special instructions for advertising and their medias, and, in particular, for advertising in digital media. Smaller pieces such as microbanners, tweets or SEM could in fact possibly carry certain information in a direct link, containing the mandatory information related to medicines advertising.

As such, the section of the Guide to advertising medicines for human use intended for the general public, providing advice on how to communicate about medicines in a precise, proportionate, honest and objective manner, also encapsulated various novelties such as the permission to include statements to the likes of “sugar-free”, “lactose-free”, “gluten-free” or “non-alcoholic”, market shares or sales data, the picture of a chemist or that of a healthcare professional, among many others. All of them obviously subjected to certain conditions or limitations detailed in the Guide. 
DWR - New Head of Deutscher Werberat 

Starting in October, Katja Heintschel von Heinegg will be Head of Deutscher Werberat (DWR). Her predecessor, Julia Busse, will join the management of the Deutscher Brauer-Bund (German Brewing Federation).

Katja Heintschel von Heinegg who is the chairwoman of EASA’s self-regulatory committee has been working for the German Advertising Federation (ZAW) and DWR in various functions since 2007, most recently in charge of all issues related to European and unfair commercial practices law.

RAC Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

On 20 September, EASA’s Romanian member Romanian Advertising Council (Consiliul Roman pentru Publicitate) celebrated its 20th anniversary, creating and raising advertising standards. Stéphane Martin, EASA’s Chairman, congratulated RAC with a keynote speech. The event was also attended by EASA’s Director General Lucas Boudet, local advertising industry stakeholders and others. Congratulations to RAC! 

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Rada Reklamy launches a new "Charter for the Protection of Children in Advertising"

On 11 September, EASA's member Rada Reklamy launched a new "Charter for the Protection of Children in Advertising". EASA’s Director General Lucas Boudet attended the launch event together with Rada Reklamy President Agnieszka Kępińska - Sadowska and Director General Piotr Kwiecień. On this occasion, Lucas Boudet said that “an asset of advertising self-regulation is its ability to respond to societal changes. It is locally rooted at national level with self-regulatory organisations operating close to consumers and regulators, it can efficiently address their concerns. A perfect example is the launch in Poland by the Advertising Council of the Charter for the Protection of Children in Advertising”. 

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RO Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!
On 9 October, EASA's Swedish member Reklamombudsmannen (RO) celebrated its 10th anniversary together with the launch of the new ICC Marketing Code in Sweden. Festivities took place at Musikaliska in Stockholm with drinks and an exhibition Act Responsible – Great Ads for Good. Congratulations RO! 


Russian National Advertising Forum - Presentation of the ICC Advertising and Marketing Communication Code 

On 21 October, 2019 ICC Russia presented the Russian version of the ICC Advertising and Marketing Communication Code within the outreach session of the National Advertising Forum, dedicated to the issues of self-regulation in Russian advertising industry. 

Olga Schedrakova, ICC Business development director outlined the importance of the Code for the Russian Advertising industry and changes that distinguish the updated 2018 edition from the previous ones. To recap, the first code was issued in 1937. 

Numerous experts including Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) Andrey Kashevarov, Chairman of the Advertising Entrepreneurship Committee of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Piskarev, Chairman of AMI SR (Association of Marketing Industry “Advertising Council”) Sergey Pilatov and Executive Director of the Association of Branded Goods Manufacturers in Russia (RusBrand) Alexey Popovichev took part in discussion of the Code. 

Furthermore, Agreement on Co-operation between ICC Russia and AMI SR was signed at the event.  The Russian version of the ICC Advertising and Marketing Communication Code can be found on the website. 

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AER 2019 Conference

AER held its annual conference at the European Parliament in Brussels on 9 October. The event gathered relevant stakeholders from the European institutions, the media and tech ecosystem, to discuss radio’s adaptability to the digital world and some of the critical issues facing radio and audio across Europe.

Among speakers at the event were Anna Herold, Head of Unit, Audiovisual and Media Policy (DG Connect) and Marcel Boulogne, Head of Sector, Observatory on the Online Platform Economy (DG Connect).

For more information about the outcomes of the conference, visit AER's website.

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EACA hosted its Effie Europe Awards Gala & Effie Forum on October 15 in Brussels

Effie Europe Awards Gala 2019 took place in Brussels, celebrating the most effective marketing communications. McCann Worldgroup won the Agency of the Year Award, as well as the Grand Effie for their outstanding campaign ‘Like Brands’ 2011-2018. Among categories awarded were “media innovation”, “brand experience” and “positive change”. Effie Awards reward efforts to promote the environmental and social goods in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. For the first time, the “Best of the Best” was chosen among the national winners of the Gold/Grand Prix Effie of 2018. 

Read more about Effie Awards on EACA's website.
Aditionally, the Effie Forum took place before the gala, bringing together marketing and advertising professionals to learn about best practices in achieving marketing effectiveness.
EACA’s Questions to Commissioners-designate

With the hearings of the European Commissioner-designates from 30th September to 8th October, EACA compiled some questions relevant to the advertising industry for the Members of the European Parliament to ask.
Access them here!

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EDAA Summit 2019

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) held its fourth Annual Summit on 24 October in London, under the banner “Delivering a consumer-centric future for the digital ad world”.

Among the speakers were EASA members Catherine Armitage from WFA, Mathilde Fiquet from FEDMA, Angela Mills Wade from EPC and Guy Parker from ASA.

Read more about the conference here.

ICAS Papers on Non-Commercial Ads and Product Labels and Packaging 

International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (ICAS) has published two short papers which describe the role played by SROs in overseeing non-commercial ads, such as NGOs' and governments' communication campaigns, and product labels and packaging.   

Find out more by reading the ICAS paper on the oversight of product labels and packaging and the ICAS Paper on non-commercial ads.

ICAS Paper on How Self-Regulatory Advertising Standards Support Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible advertising is an important component of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Companies committed to CSR look at the impact of their activities on all aspects of society including economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects.

Self-regulatory advertising standards, like CSR intiatives, aim at promoting responsible business practices, based on a global, principles-based framework implemented at national (and regional) level. Thanks to advertising Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs), companies can collectively manage their responsible marketing commitments, notably by developing and enforcing self-regulatory advertising standards.

ICAS has published a new paper which provides concrete examples to illustrate the link between advertising standards and CSR. These include "pledges" promoting healthy eating habits, the oversight of environmental claims, company certifications, as well as the special case of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy in South Africa.

Read the full paper here.


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