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     May 2020



     EASA in May

     AMI RS (Russia)
     ASA (the U.K.)
     AUTOCONTROL (Spain)
     Clearcast (the U.K.)
     DWR (Germany)
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EASA in May

EASA welcomes a new observer member - The Serbian SRO NAESO!

On the occasion of EASA’s Board and General Assembly meetings on May 14, EASA welcomed its newest member - the National Association for Ethical Standards in Advertising (NAESO) from Serbia.

“We are very excited to join EASA family of European self-regulatory organisations in the field of advertising. This is an important achievement and a milestone for our organisation. A group of Serbian advertising industry, marketing and creative industry professionals and sector representatives has been working very diligently over the past years to establish Serbia’s self-regulatory body. In this journey to establish NAESO, EASA has been a strong supporter and a valuable partner to us by providing guidance, advice, best practices, and putting us in touch with other national SROs (Spanish, Greek, Hungarian and Romanian SROs - to name a few) that have shared their expertise and knowledge with us. As we grow and develop our organisation, we look forward to continue working with EASA and its members to further advance the self-regulation in the Serbian advertising field”, said the President of the NAESO Managing Board, Vanda Kučera, after the vote of EASA membership to accept NAESO’s application to join EASA at the May 14th General Assembly.  

NAESO was established in April 2019 with 17 founding members, which include advertising agencies, advertisers, marketing industry sector representatives and media associations.

NAESO Managing Board members and professionals who founded the organisation, promoted the concept of co-regulation and self-regulation in advertising over the past years, and were able to successfully advocate for the concept of self-regulation to be recognised and included in text of The Advertising Law (passed in 2016).

Establishment of NAESO was also preceded by drafting the national Code of Marketing Communications, that has been harmonised with both local and European regulatory principles. 

Welcome NAESO!

EASA Webinar Series
In May, EASA began hosting a Webinar Series programme which will continue in the following months. 

The full agenda with previous and upcoming EASA's and partner webinars:

19 MAY – “COVID-19: Observations, Actions and Forecast” – External speaker: Mrs Marie-Paule Benassi, Head of Unit, Consumer Enforcement and Redress, European Commission Directorate-General Justice and Consumers
26 MAY – “European Cross-border Complaint System: CBC Platform and Issues Determining the Country of Origin” (Interactive session targeting SROs involved in CBCs)
28 MAY – “AVMSD Transposition: Key Challenges and Framework for VSP self/co-regulation in Europe” – External speaker: Ľuboš Kukliš, European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) Board member responsible for external relations
11 JUNE 4-5:10PM CEST – “Influencer Marketing and Pressure for Enhanced Disclosure: are we entering a post #AD era?” - External speaker: Scott Guthrie, Independent influencer marketing consultant, event speaker and author
JUNE (TBC) – “Policy Workshop: European Digital Services Act Updates and Next Steps”

Partner sessions:
29 MAY 11AM UTC – ICAS (together with EASA) first informal call
3 JUNE 3PM CEST – “Ethical Marketing in the Era of COVID-19​​​​​​​” – ICC Webinar with Sheila Millar, Vice-Chair, ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising and the participation of EASA and ICAS
Registration: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/42/k3nmps2g


Photo from 28th May - AVMSD Transposition:
Key Challenges and Framework for VSP self/co-regulation in Europe

BCMA interviews EASA

Branded Content Marketing Association has published an interview with EASA's Director General Lucas Boudet on advertising self-regulatory rules, ad complaints, coronavirus and more.

The full interview is available on BCMA's website.


News from AMI Reklamny Sovet

In May, AMI Reklamny Sovet began advertising a campaign in St-Petersburg aimed to build awareness among the citizens and consumers about the importance and role of self-regulation in advertising. The campaign "We stand for sane advertising"  is run in press, the internet and OOH, including the metro. It gives an idea that the SRO is easily accessible to the consumers who may use a new window on the website of Reklamny Sovet for direct complaints by filling in a simple form.

Reklamny Sovet has also launched a new e-edition Newsletter of AMI RS, which targets the SRO members, important industry players, media and the authorities.

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Fast-tracked investigations

The ASA published its latest rulings that have been fast-tracked as part of its focus on tackling ads that exploit health related anxieties during the covid-19 crisis.
It banned claims by an aesthetic clinic, offering vitamin injections, which broke the rules by promoting prescription-only medicines to the general public.
And it took action against a food provider who broke the rules by implying its products prevented, treated or cured human disease.
CAP will be issuing an Enforcement Notice to other businesses who provide vitamin injections to make them aware of and ensure compliance with the rules.
Exposure Report

The ASA published its latest report on children’s exposure to TV ads for alcohol and gambling. Its report provides exposure figures for 2019.
Free Trials

Together with the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA), the ASA issued a reminder to consumers to think carefully about ‘free trials’ that may end up costing more than they think and help them avoid falling into potential ‘subscription traps’.
Advice and training

ASA and CAP provided advice on Promotions, Discounts & Competitions via a live training webinar to give marketers greater knowledge and understanding of the promotional marketing rules which in turn will help them run effective and compliant campaigns.
APPG committee appearance

ASA Director of Advertising Policy and Practice, Shahriar Coupal appeared, via Zoom, in front of the Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group to discuss the regulation of gambling advertising and the role the ASA plays in minimising gambling related harm.

AUTOCONTROL launches a new consumer awareness campaign commemorating its 25th anniversary
  • The campaign is supported by the European Commission, which has recognised it as a public interest service for public awareness of the advertising self-regulation system in Spain and its benefits for consumers
  • AUTOCONTROL's media partners collaborate pro-bono in the dissemination of the campaign, as well as the agencies that have participated in the creativity and the implementation of the media plan
  • AUTOCONTROL’s anniversary is on May 11th
AUTOCONTROL has launched a new consumer awareness campaign, created and disseminated in the framework of its 25th anniversary. The main objective is to make consumers, advertisers and the Administration aware of the existence of the activity and services of the self-regulation system in Spain. The campaign seeks to promote responsible advertising in Spain and informs that AUTOCONTROL worked together with advertisers, agencies and the media for truthful, legal, honest and loyal advertising over these 25 years.

This year the consumer awareness campaign is expressly supported by the European Commission, which has recognised it as a public interest service, as it provides consumers with information on a system of advertising self-regulation that has among its main pillars the existence of the Advertising Jury, a useful and effective mechanism for the resolution of advertising claims. This Jury has been recognised by the Spanish Government since 2018 as an alternative dispute resolution system (ADR). The EC  implies a grant for the production and dissemination of the campaign and is based on a framework of a European programme to promote the ADR among consumers.

The 2020 awareness campaign launches a new creativity, emotional and with great force, developed in collaboration with one of AUTOCONTROL's partners (TBWA). It shows different people who take care of others or represent groups that are always present to help others. This is how we get the claim of this campaign:
  • "We take care of the ads to take care of you"
  • "Over the last 25 years, AUTOCONTROL has cared for people, working together with the industry to make the ads we receive responsible advertising"
As in previous editions, the awareness campaign has also received the pro bono collaboration of another partner (Ymedia) in the implementation of the media plan and most of AUTOCONTROL's media partners also collaborate pro bono in the dissemination of this project. Thanks to them, the national campaign will be broadcast on television, radio, press, magazines, exterior and the Internet, from May and over the next months.

Campaign Access:
TV spot with subtitles in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-O_BW1esLE

Full campaign on the AUTOCONTROL`s website: https://www.autocontrol.es/campana-de-informacion-a-consumidores/

The new book "Advertising self-regulation"  condenses theory and practice on the subject in Spain
The book, published by Thomson Reuters Aranzadi in collaboration with Autocontrol, is written by Anxo Tato Plaza, Professor of Commercial Law and Technical General Secretary of AUTOCONTROL. This new publication analyses the concept, types and constituent elements of advertising self-regulation systems, including the Advertising Jury and its differences with other alternative dispute resolution systems. It studies the legal regime of advertising self-regulation in Spain as well.

The work is edited in the frame of the 25th anniversary of AUTOCONTROL and is the only book on the subject  published  in Spain that includes all the reforms and developments introduced in the Spanish legal system from 2009, regarding self-regulation.

The author's dual profile as a university professor and a professional with 25 years of experience in AUTOCONTROL gives special value to the work, as it carries out not only a theoretical study of the system but it supports the work with practical knowledge on the application of the current advertising regulations. This book provides the reader with knowledge and understanding of the system, but also the keys to its use in the case of litigation in relation to unfair competition and advertising. The work is therefore aimed at university professors and at professionals with different activities in the Legal and Compliance departments, Communication, Advertising or Marketing departments, or advertising and media agencies.

Clearcast Training ‘next event’ – Webinar 24th & 25th June 2020

After the success of the first two webinars, Clearcast are gearing up for their next online training session to help the advertising industry get ads to air and keep them there.

“The online Clearcast workshop was absolutely brilliant.” - Becs at McCann Birmingham.

Read more here

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On 2 April, 2020 DWR has published its annual statistics and yearbook.

The full press release can be found on the website (German). 

The main findings of this years figures are:

  • DWR is the main point of contact for complaints regarding taste and decency advertising content.
  • Our annual statistics show that self-regulation in advertising works.
  • Gender discrimination remains the main reason for complaints.

In the past year, the DWR has received a total of 3,636 complaints, compiling 793 cases of which 279 cases did not fall in the DWR’s area of competence. Compared to the previous year, this was a growth of 11 percent in cases that were processed by the DWR.

These statistics prove that the DWR’s self-regulating mechanisms work as it managed to achieve a change or withdrawal of complaints in 128 cases, roughly 91 percent of cases objected by its board. 373 cases were not upheld by the DWR as there was no infringement of the DWR’s Code of Conduct. In 2019, there were only 13 cases in which a public reprimand was issued.

As in previous years, gender discrimination was the main reason for complaints. The number of cases diminished slightly, however, there was a growth in individual complaints which shows the topic's importance in society. Other common reasons for complaints were violations of moral and ethical standards, protection of children and minors as well as discrimination of groups of people.

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News from JEP

The Conseil de la Publicité, mother organisation of JEP, has changed its official name to le Centre de la Communication (Communicatie Centrum in Dutch, Communication Centre in English).

Full press release can be found on the website (in French).

The Communication Centre also has a new logo:

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News from EACA

Paul O’Donnell, Chief Executive of Ogilvy EMEA has been voted as the new President of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) for a two-year term. He succeeds Dominic Grainger, Chief Executive Officer, WPP Specialist Communications, who has been EACA’s head since 2016. The full press release is available on the website.

EACA has issued its most recent statement on late payments.

IAB Europe’s event Interact is going virtual 

Given the current circumstances regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, IAB Europe took the decision to postpone its flagship annual event, Interact, until 2021, and is instead hosting a virtual event on 3rd June – Interact Online!

Details and information on speakers, registration can be found on IAB Europe's website.

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