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In this third issue of the eNewsletter, AMSA International highlights the importance of putting patient safety first, get our readers to hear about an elective placement experience in Vietnam (thanks to The Electives Network), provide some information about our fantastic partnership deal with Kaplan Medical, and pass on some recent initiatives happening over at AMSA Pakistan.

It is also our great pleasure to release the first issue of our brand new Quarterly Magazine. You can view it online here or download it now here.

Don't forget that you are able to submit to the eNews or Quarterly Magazines at any time by sending through your article, anecdotes, photos or anything else interesting to your Regional Chairperson. Submissions for the next eNews are due mid-December so get in quick! 

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AMSA International

Putting Patient’s Safety First

AMSA Phillipines

(Manila, Philippines) – The World Health Organization (WHO) recently launched the inaugural Multiprofessional Patient Safety Curriculum Guide, starting in the Western Pacific Regional Office - Manila. This auspicious event was attended by leading professionals and deans of schools from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and midwifery. AMSA-Philippines was privileged to be invited to the said event, attended by the current president Joanna Marie Choa and former AMSA-Philippines External Vice President Miguel Dorotan, who represented the voice of the medical students in the country.

Held last 19 October 2011 at the world-class Marriott Hotel (Resorts World Complex) in Pasay City, this launching program-workshop was the initiative of WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WHO-WPRO), in cooperation with the Philippine Alliance for Patient Safety (PAPS) and the Philippine College of Surgeons.

Read more here.

Cho Ray Hospital - Vietnam

Rowan Harrison, a med student recently returned from an elective at the Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.  He submitted his elective report to The Electives Network ( and talked about the ups and downs of his experience there:

This elective is an interesting one although not without it's limitations.

As a final year male medical student I did a 4 week rotation in the Emergency Department in October/November 2011. Cho Ray is the biggest hospital in Vietnam and it's ED sees a lot of traffic, especially trauma. Some of the trauma you see is at times, alarming. Certainly not good if you have a weak stomach. However, this was excellent as it meant there were a lot of opportunities for practical skills (i.e. suturing, intubation) and many opportunities which you wouldn't get in Australia. 

Read more here.

From Group Members to a Team — The AMSA Get Together!

AMSA Pakistan

There is no doubt that there’s more than hard work and potential that accounts to an organization’s success.Team spirit is valued today as the most important asset
in an organization. For an organization like AMSA, whose members work miles apart, it is even more important for members to understand each others views and working habits.

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Kaplan Partnership with AMSA International!

Kaplan Medical

Kaplan Medical, the proven leader in USMLE preparation, is proud to announce a new partnership with AMSA International.

As a result of this new partnership AMSA International members receive the following:
•   10% discount on all Kaplan online and US based USMLE preparation course.
•   Access to free online events designed to help you navigate the process for attaining a US residency

To take advantage of this offer please contact Rhema Wiguna at or Jeff Weil at

To find out more about Kaplan and the amazing deals on offer view the extended article here.

AMSA Pakistan at Healthcare and Medical Education Expo 2011

Even though Health Expos have been previously organised in Pakistan, Health Expo 2011 was the first of its kind! The
basic idea behind it was to bring health care institutions closer to the general public by making it a family event
instead of an event “just for doctors”. Situated in the serene neighborhood of Johar town, the Expo Center Lahore hosted 6 conferences and 200 stalls along with
health care related plays and a cultural event.

Read more here.
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