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A collection of tragic stories about a dead Soviet-era smuggler and the lovers he left behind.

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A xenolinguist and a soldier walked in on a alien probe...

A xenolinguist and a soldier walked in on a alien probe...
Frame 1
Close-up of a surprised Mikhail.
MIKHAIL To Camello (off-screen)
We’re too late. That woman is about to be probed.

Frame 2
A blonde and nearly naked Russian Woman is wrapped up in tentacles, screaming.
WOMAN To Mikhail and Camello (off-screen)

Close-up of a surprised Camello.
CAMELLO To Mikhail (off-screen)
What the hell is that thing, comrade? Is it going to kill her? Should I shoot?

Frame 3
A tentacled creature is holding and probing the blonde woman. Camello and Mikhail look on.

MIKHAIL To Camello
Earth weapons are no match against Zeta Reticulian Death Rays or the Biomechanical Cephalopodoid Research Vessel. The alien will deeply probe her body cavities. When the Zeta finishes its research, she will be covered in disinfectant goo and release. All we can do is deal with the messy aftermath.
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