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A collection of tragic stories about a dead Soviet-era smuggler and the lovers he left behind.

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NSFW: They don't understand how humans sex.

NSFW: They don't understand how humans sex.
Frame 1
The tentacled creature has a willing Camello.
ZETA To itself, taking a report
The sulfur-tufted builder ape with a proboscis that we captured at 45678902.86.26789 is quite unusual. It used a copper-tufted builder ape to communicate with my vessel in a highly primitive manner. The sulfur-tufted builder ape with a proboscis offered itself for our cause. The proboscis ape was vocal about its displeasure regarding our work on a distressed and weaker sulfur-tufted builder ape with pectoral sacks. I hypothesize that the ape with the proboscis wishes to attract the copper-tufted builder ape in order to implant offspring. Getting a glimpse at the tufted behavior is quite extraordinary. We have never actually observed their reproductive implanting behavior, which we theorize occurs via a skin-to-skin osmosis between two tufted builder apes.
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X-Files or XXX-Files?

X-Files or XXX-Files?
Frame 1
Camello perks up.

CAMELLO To Mikhail (off-screen)
Deeply probing body cavities, huh? You’re an alien language expert. Could you translate something for me?

Frame 2
The blonde Russian woman is crying, still wrapped in the tentacles.

RUSSIAN WOMAN To Mikhail and Camello

Frame 3
Mikhail looks skeptical. Camello is determined.

MIKHAIL To Camello
Conscript, you can’t reason with it!
CAMELLO To Mikhail
Oh yeah? Watch me.

Frame 4
The Zeta is holding the naked blonde woman. Mikhail looks on as Camello addresses the tentacle creature.

Yo Zeta, why waste your research on a whiney woman when you can have a real big army muscle boy? Waddaya say, bro? Drop that skirt, and experience what a real man can do for you.
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