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That's not the only thing that's wrong.

That's not the only thing that's wrong.
Frame 1

That’s not the only thing that’s wrong, either.

Frame 2

The woman listed on the birth certificate is not my biological mother.

Frame 3

My official birth year was randomly chosen by a doctor who couldn’t understand my native language.

Frame 4
The Principal seems rather flabbergasted and confused.

What is your native language?
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Hielope the Rusalka

Hielope the Rusalka
Page 19

Single Frame
Sasha is visualizing a gigantic rusalka with tentacles and long green hair - she is like a mermaid-type of a creature.

Someone is listening to me
Outside of my real family.
By speaking, I risk being betrayed:
Psychiatric wards and meds,
This isn't where I want my bed.
I ask the woman in my head,
Here's the message she relayed:

"Don't hide yourself from this one,
She listens but answers to none.
Reveal it, body of my soul,
Revel but don't share it all.
The time will come to come out,
For now there's no need to shout."

No more lies.
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