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A collection of tragic stories about a dead Soviet-era smuggler and the lovers he left behind.

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Frame one

Ghost Camello
Ah! That's where my repressed memory I was at. I better hope and pray that God will erase it.

Frame two

Ghost Lucky
What the hell is going on!

Frame three
Ghost Camello is praying as Ghost Lucky is yelling at him.

Ghost Lucky
Are you listening to me?

Frame four
Ghost Camello becomes a frightening abomination.

Ghost Camello
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Where is my penis?

Where is my penis?
Frame 1
The spirits of Camello and Lucky are standing in the apartment. Camello looks less evil; in love, perhaps, from his encounter with the demoness. Lucky looks perplexed.
CAMELLO: To himself: Those lovely, cold tentacles...
LUCKY: To Camello: Your eyes aren’t creepy anymore. That must mean you’re not evil now.

Frame 2
Close-up of Lucky, as he exclaims in annoyance.
LUCKY: To Camello (off-screen): AUGHH!

Frame 3
Camello, having snapped out of the love-spell, is contemplative. Lucky is angry.
CAMELLO: To himself: Oh golly, that wasn’t nice. The adversary tapped into my darkest mortal memories to tempt me. I’d better find those memories so I may expunge them and get my powers back.
LUCKY: To Camello: Where is my penis?
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