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A collection of tragic stories about a dead Soviet-era smuggler and the lovers he left behind.

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Surprise Finds

Surprise Finds
Frame 1
Marlborina comes into the apartment, carrying a box.
MARLBORINA: To Lucky (off-screen): Lucky, look what I found!

Frame 2
Close-up of Marlborina’s face, eyes wide.

Frame 3
Close-up of the box falling, books falling out.

Frame 4
Lucky is slumped on the floor, Marlborina is shocked with tears streaming down her face.
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Dreaming Interrupted

Dreaming Interrupted
Frame 1
Zoya, Sasha and Dmitri are in a park. Sasha was sleeping, and Zoya wakes him up.
ZOYA: To Sasha: Wake up Sasha, we got a hold of Lechy. We can stay at his place.
SASHA: To Zoya: I was having the best dream ever. I was a shaman of a small stature with a pet tentacle monster. We were about to engage in mortal combat with some weird cherub monster.
DMITRI: To Zoya and Sasha: Why don’t I ever have awesome dreams like that? Mine always involve a damn tarot deck.
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