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A collection of tragic stories about a dead Soviet-era smuggler and the lovers he left behind.

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Page Rb1 00048e
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Frame 1
Camello's ghost is sitting by Lucky's side. Lucky is resting supine on the hospital bed and appears to be very ill. Camello looks down with concern. He is wearing a leather jacket, t-shirt, fedora, and an eyepatch. He is transparent.
CAMELLO To Lucky: I can't say that I'm happy to see you alive, because I'm not. but, the will of the Allmighty is mine as well. I shall be a guardian until you finish your mission on Earth, Lucky.

Frame 2
Closeup of Camello's face.
CAMELLO To Lucky: It's not like I can leave this world, yet.

Frame 3
Closeup of Lucky's head on a pillow.
LUCKY To Camello: Why can't you leave? I wish you would leave. That's all I've wanted you to do since you cheated on me.

Frame 4
Closeup of Camello's face.
CAMELLO To Lucky: I would never cheat on you, my rrom. You had to believe that I did. If you had not killed me, you would've been marked for death too.

Frame 5
Closeup of Camello's face. He leans his cheek to his hand. He looks dejected.
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