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Sit-Stand Desk Advice, Back To School Tips, and A New ErgoTip

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September 23
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We are often asked for our advice or opinion on sit-stand workstations. We believe that having the opportunity to change positions and move around during the work day is essential. Opting to add a height adjustable workstation that fits you properly (and that you use correctly), can create an optimal office arrangement. Our latest article outlines how to use a sit-stand workstation if you already own one and advice to follow if you are looking to purchase one.

It’s September which means it’s back to school, but this year things may look a little bit different. Schools have reopened but most students will still be doing some distance learning from home or perhaps you’ve decided to homeschool your little one(s)? Regardless of where your children are learning it’s important to think about how they are positioning and using their bodies.
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Are they getting enough movement breaks?

  • If you are homeschooling make sure to include a movement break at least once an hour, or more if your child needs it. Jumping around, dancing or simply standing and stretching can help energize your child, boost their creativity and reduce their fatigue.
  • If your children are online learning, make sure they get up from the computer and move around in between each class. If their video is turned off they can stand and perform some Interrupt exercises while listening in.
  • Teenagers will be spending more time in front of a screen between online classes, mobile devices and gaming console usage. Encourage them to take Movement Breaks and spend time away from a screen. Maybe they could do a chore around the house for a movement break!

How are their ergonomics while they are working?

  • Your children should be following the same workstation set-up principles that you follow at your home office workstation
  • In an ideal world you would have kid-sized furniture for kid sized kids! But, if your children are sitting in a full sized chair at the kitchen table, you’ll have to make adjustments. Consider placing a cushion behind their back and a box under their feet so they can sit with good support. Make sure the chair is high enough that they can access the keyboard without reaching up.
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  • Younger children may be small enough to work directly from a laptop, but for older children a separate keyboard and mouse may be needed to achieve an optimal height for both the screen and input devices.
  • There are specialty children’s keyboards (typically about ⅔ the size of adult products), but a compact adult keyboard will work as well. A mini mouse is perfect for little hands, but a standard laptop mouse will also work well for kids.
  • Teenagers may not feel the same aches and pains of old age that we do but it is important to instill good ergonomics habits now. Encourage them to sit with ‘Big 3’ healthy posture while distance learning or gaming on their computers or consoles. When using a laptop or cellphone on the couch, use a pillow to prop up the device which will enable a better neck and back posture.
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If you are walking down the street, taking public transit or even at home with your family, odds are you have seen someone demonstrate ‘text neck’. This is the nickname given when people keep their phone down at their waist and drop their head to read their screen. Our heads weigh around 12-15 pounds and when we slouch into this head forward posture we can increase the load on our necks and upper backs to up to 60 pounds! Try keeping your mobile device at chest height and tuck your elbows by your sides. Use this ErgoTips poster to remind you and others to keep your head up while on mobile devices.
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