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It is time to playfully createfrom pure goodness AND with responsibilitynew ways of being on earth. S.T.A.R. is a tool we have been gifted for this pursuit. This is a philosophy we can live.” —Nina Brown
Mission Statement:
To help eliminate human suffering by showing other ways of viewing life.

Welcome S*T*A*R* Seeds: 

“You are only one person away from a change in your destiny,” my publisher, Ja-lene Clark, told me. The flip side is fun to contemplate as well. For whom have you been that person? Let me introduce you to Sameeta Nanjiani from Mumbai, who was a dynamic catalyst for change in the direction of my life. The story is below in the S*T*A*R* Inspiration section.

With Great Appreciation,

Pradeep Vijay

Melbourne, Australia

 S*T*A*R* Company: A Business in Alignment with Creation
Traditionally, the word business has been primarily associated with the idea of making profits, creating wealth etc. Most of the existing business models on planet earth are self-serving and focus on growth by exploiting resources and taking advantage of Mother Nature. The new earth needs a new business model which is aligned with the S*T*A*R* philosophy. Business has to be seen as a means of creating freshness, sustainability, love and compassion towards all living beings and finally as a tool to give back to existence in a state of thankfulness. An example might be to incorporate a principle like one third of the profits should be kept aside for social responsibility and taking care of our fellow beings in creative ways, this principle by default sets in motion profitability.
The very idea of starting a company or a business has to come from a state of surrender, which means you surrender your limited vision and perspective to your human divinity, for it to open up unlimited, beautiful and expanded visions. The intent of starting a company or business is to prosper and serve in a state of prosperity.
Once surrendered, the vision to serve and to be in alignment with All of Creation becomes crystal clear and business ideas get generated from the field of all possibilities. Trusting the vision and ideas created plays an important role. The ideas and the vision, on which the business will be started, might look non-traditional. Trust in one’s innate knowing is the driving force. To do something which is not given by society or the so-called business experts might be really challenging to begin with. But the magic happens when you trust your sovereign self and your visions and ideas in a state of surrender.
Allowing the magic to manifest is to be patient and to accept the process. It takes time and effort before the profits can be seen in any business. During the business cycle, instead of focusing on money as a single point agenda, money should be seen as one of the many ingredients. Here by being patient and allowing the vision to manifest means the emphasis is on every single entity involved in the business and going with the flow of each experience. As the intent of the business is to serve in prosperity, the manifestation of the business will be in prosperity.
This kind of a business model, where you start your business by surrendering your limitedness to gain access to unlimitedness, trusting the process, allowing things to manifest with ease and grace results in the magic. The magic will be very unique and the outcome will have the energy signatures of surrender, trust and allowing. Naturally, receiving the profits and fruits of the business will create thankfulness and gratitude towards All of Creation because you realize you are aligned in Oneness with All That Is. 
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“I can’t begin to tell you how these hangouts give me strength to continue on my ‘mad’ journey and reach my sovereignty. They are so much a part of my support, and I am grateful for that. So incredible to be able to talk about such BIG things and be understood!!! Thanks again for our meeting and being an inspiration to me.”—S.T.A.R. Circle Google Hangouts
“I just began reading your Masterpiece; S.T.A.R Philosophy Fascinated Observer's Guide. My soul smiles at the idea of soaring-exploring. I am inspired!!! Fascinating.... S.T.A.R. Philosophy Fascinated Observers Guide
“You have been a real inspiration to me for the way in which you have gone about bringing your work through. With so much humility and groundedness. I love dipping into your books (still on my bed-side table) when I am looking for guidance or inspiration. Thank you.”—S.T.A.R. Philosophy
A very powerful intention fills me with joy and excitement - “I intend to touch every person on the planet with the S*T*A*R* philosophy!” As an expert on this philosophy, I “S” surrendered the intention, “T” trusted, “A” allowed and am “R” receiving with appreciation and gratitude. Let me tell you how it recently began to unfold.
A woman popped into my life five years ago, on Skype, for just one hour. I never dreamt that those sixty minutes together would change my life and the lives of many, many others, so dramatically. Sameeta Nanjiani, from Mumbai, India, turned out to be one of those people who would change my destiny. The short summary of this story is that my work is now known to approximately one million people (and growing) in India. This is how the spigot was turned on.
“Sameeta, do you know a Master in the West that we might invite to the seventh Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS) being held in Pyramid Valley in October of 2014?” asked Pradeep Vijay.
“Yes, Nina Brown.” replied Sameeta.
Those were the catalytic words spoken that shook the cosmos and changed the course of my life.
The magic began after the GCSS Review Committee formally extended an invitation to me to be one of the few international presenters for the 2014 congress to be held in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid in Pyramid Valley. Most of you know that soon after inter-galactic transmissions began coming through. Well to my surprise, Pradeep shared All of the messages with the Founder of GCSS, Patriji, when they met on travel in Singapore. Patriji was so sure of the truth of each message that he sent them off to his staff and said, “Make this known everywhere we have a voice.” I later learned that was to about one million people around the globe!
Well…guess what? Two thousand people showed up in person on the appointed day, October 2, 2014, which was also Gandhi’s birthday! What amazed me was that EVERYBODY knew who I was and exactly why I had come to India. Articles had been written about me, the S.T.A.R. philosophy and of course excerpts from the many transmissions were included. For those who could not make the trip to Pyramid Valley, outside of Bangalore, many went to the Maheshware Maha Pyramid, outside of Hyderabad, to tune in to the ceremony. Actually, there were people all over the planet that tuned in and supported the event energetically.
While all of this magic was occurring, my book, S.T.A.R. Philosophy, was being published by Soul Management Services and made available in the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid’s bookstore for the thousands of visitors that it receives each year. I learned that 98 copies sold the first month!
But, there is more, Patriji told me that he would have S.T.A.R  Philosophy translated into Telugu, the southern India dialect that is spoken by the 50,000 people who will gather at the Maheshware Maha Pyramid on December 18, 2014. I was told the translation and printing could happen that quickly! I was given a copy of Dhyanaudhrapradesh Magazine, which featured an eight-page article on my reason for visiting India. It was written in Telugu and went out to 100,000 people free of charge. The editor told me that the next issue would have an article focused on my book, S.T.A.R. Philosophy!
Several interviews took place while I was in Pyramid Valley, which will reach even more people, but one of the most amazing things was that I was able to sign a book for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I gave it to a new friend, who saw that he got it. My dream of course is that the S.T.A.R. philosophy will make its way into global politics. That is what S.T.A.R. is ALL about: have an intention, surrender it to the space of infinity, trust the sovereign self to run the show, allow the intention to expand and receive with appreciation and gratitude what will always be the perfect experience.
Seven years ago, one hour with Sameeta set in motion events that shook the cosmos and changed my destiny. Isn’t life fascinating!. 


S.T.A.R. Philosophy Fascinated Observers Guide




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