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MAY 2015
How to create a great about page
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How often have you looked at your About page? What should it contain? Should it even be there?
This month we take a look at this ever popular page and assess what its purpose is and how to make it work for you.

We hope you enjoy.

Richard Lalchan
Founder RMLalchan Web & Graphic Design

How to create a great About page

About pagesAbout pages have different purposes depending on the size of your company and whether people already have strong brand awareness when it comes to your product(s) or service(s). 

There are also no set guidelines when it comes to putting together an About page, but there are two key things worth remembering
  1. People buy from people, so more often than not your prospective customers will probably want to know who they’ll be working with or buying from
  2. About pages almost always appear in the top ten of most visited web pages, so it’s worth the effort to make them count 
In our latest blog post, we look at three things you can achieve on your About page with examples showing what some well-known companies have done with theirs.

We also share our thoughts on the qualities that make an effective About page.

If your company is new to someone and they find your website from a Google search, your About page could help them decide to choose you over a competitor. So why not head over to our blog now for lots more information on About pages…
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Top tips for team photos

Great team photosPhotographs of staff on your About page can help to improve your credibility and enhance your overall brand image.  They help visitors get to know the faces behind the company name and bring the page to life.  It can backfire on you, however, if the photos aren’t very good!

So here are 5 tips on how to take staff photos to use on your website:
  1. Hire a professional photographer, specifically one that advertises staff portraits on their website (that way you’ll know they have the right equipment and knowhow to take good photos).
  2. Ensure the photographer is flexible and won’t charge the earth to pop back if one or more members of staff are sick or away on the day of the shoot. 
  3. Give your staff plenty of notice and reminders leading up to the date of the shoot, with specifics about what they will need to wear (neutral block colours are preferable, as opposed to bright colours and patterns).
  4. Ask the photographer to take a variety of shots  - different positions and angles - so that you end up with images that flatter each member of staff (as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach like the standard head-and-shoulder shot).
  5. When selecting which images to use on your website, choose ones that reveal some personality (any characteristic, such as an expression or pose, which gives the image some individuality).

Latest work

We are always looking for ways in which we can support you more efficiently. With that in mind we have recently been trialling a new helpdesk system. From now on, if you are on a monthly support plan and you have a specific request (examples given below), all you need to do is send an email to This will automatically get logged with our system rather than just coming through as another email, and it makes it easier for us to track and update your support requests.

If you don’t have a monthly (or ongoing) support plan with us, you can still email and be logged on our system, but naturally we’ll prioritise clients who have paid for a support plan.

So what kind of support requests can you log? Here are a few examples of recent requests:
  • Need our phone number updating on website
  • Email not working
  • Create a landing page for our new product
  • Our website appears to be down
  • Make a change to our domain name settings
  • Create a promotional advert
  • ...and much more
What it shouldn’t be used for is if you need to have a new website built or a complete re-design of your existing site. For this please email or

Once you’ve tried using the new helpdesk system, please let us know what you think.
Groove Help Desk Software

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TypelarkTypelark is an 'adventure with letters'. The new venture from Zoë Chan, at the heart of Typelark is typography; Zoë creates letterpressed typographic gifts and greetings cards, plus a bespoke service which includes the design and printing of invitations and personalised prints.
Zoë fell in love with letterpress for its uniqueness, tactility and heritage. She is involved in the entire process, creating the designs and hand-printing them herself on her vintage Adana press.
Zoë wants to share her love of typography, helping others to discover how they are impacted by it; exploring the way in which typography can evoke emotions, memories and associations, and how it gives texture to language.

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