Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all at RMLalchan
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Welcome to the first of our newsletters aimed at providing you with top tips for managing your website and online communications. Our theme this month -as well as being Christmas of course! is all about that crucial topic of creating good content -for humans.
We hope you enjoy.

Richard Lalchan
Founder RMLalchan Web & Graphic Design

5 ways to avoid bad content

Unfortunately a lot of web content that you and I come across simply isn't that great.  Crafting sentences that are engaging and provoke a response is no easy task  â€“ that’s why there are professional copywriters out there.  However, web design budgets for the smaller business often don’t stretch to hiring someone to write good content.  So if you are planning on the DIY approach, here is some simple best practice to help.  And if you already have a website up and running, why not read on and use this as an opportunity to review your content?

Based on common mistakes that we generally make - and I say 'we' as I have made most of these at one point or another - here are five things to avoid:
  1. Writing content that isn’t relevant = losing potential customers
  2. Being heavy-handed when it comes to jargon = missing out on sales
  3. Placing too much emphasis on search engine optimisation/links as opposed to content = too many drop offs
  4. Failing to spot typos = not looking professional
  5. Sounding like a lot of other websites out there = not distinguishing yourself
For guidance on these 5 points read more on the blog»

The power of email

Email newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with existing and potential clients, helping to build relationships, demonstrate that you know your stuff, and remind people you exist (like I'm doing now, right?!).  Here's an article championing the use of email newsletters and offering free advice to optimise for success.  Unsurprisingly content is key:  you need to give your audience something they'll find interesting/useful and not just think of your newsletter as a direct sales tool.

It sounds obvious but delivery is also really important and not necessarily straightforward to achieve: there are a few good reads on the Direct Marketing Association website about this as well as a recent article I found on email marketing stats. If you already send out email newsletters, are they as effective as they could be?  If you're just getting started though, do take some time to think about relevant content for your mailing list and how to make it look good, but the most important thing is getting the first one done and hitting the send button!

Your web and content team

What if you just don't have the time? Yes, we know it can be difficult to find the regular time required to continually improve your website -making sure its achieving your business goals. And, at the end of the day you want experts working on it, right? 

Rather than paying for additional staff, outsourcing this can give you peace-of-mind in knowing that your website and communications will be constantly working for you.

We provide a whole range of services from:
  • writing website content
  • website development
  • ideas generation
  • ecommerce
  • recording audio and video interviews
  • email newsletters
  • brochure/ annual report design
  • social media & more
All this is provided with monthly reports including understandable website analytics. We can become part of your team to help you achieve success.
Get in touch to find out more»

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In each newsletter we'll share some tools and resources that we love so you can love them too.

Automate tasks for more efficient productivity

Zapier - superpowers to get your work doneThis is a nifty service I’ve started using. Zapier’s an online tool that enables you to automate recurring tasks between web applications, including big players like Dropbox and Evernote and niche ones too.

For example, when I tag a contact in my client database (Highrise) Zapier copies the email address into my newsletter mailing list (MailChimp), avoiding manual data entry in two separate apps.  Really simple and very effective.  Users aren’t just raving about the tool though – Zapier’s customer support comes highly rated too.   There’s a free 14-day trial and their pricing model includes a free plan.
Read more from their website».
IC-Works is a content provider par excellence.

IC Works

We have been working with Ian Christie of IC Works for well over a year now and would highly recommend him for your written copy. We have worked closely together on many projects and as well as content for websites he also produces Easy Read documents.
Read more from his website».

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