Estamos listos para la Navidad- are you?
¿Cómo la celebramos?

Here are some highlights of our favorite Navidad traditions, gatherings, and foods at Latinx Voces!
- Dia de La Virgen de Guadalupe
- Las Posadas
- Tamaladas
- La Nochebuena y Navidad
Share your tradiciones y comidas favoritas HOY!
Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe: Dec. 8th
The day of the Virgen de Guadalupe became a national holiday in Mexico in 1859. Thousands gather each year on Dec. 12 at Mexico City's Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe to celebrate the patron saint's birthday. Over 800,000 people gather around the Basilica and bring candles and offerings to honor her. They also sing the famed "Las Mañanitas."
Photo credit: Dulce Ruelas' family at a local celebracion in Phoenix, AZ.
Las Posadas: Dec. 16th – 24th
Las Posadas are mainly celebrated in Mexico and Central America during the nine days leading up to Christmas. Why nine? Because that’s how long it took Mary and Joseph to make it to Bethlehem (or Belén). Starting December 16th, people reenact the trip. Some dress up in costume and have a pregnant Mary ride a donkey, while asking for a place to stay (pedir posada) at various houses.
Tamaladas: December- January 
For many Spanish-speaking Christmas lovers, Christmas isn’t complete without tamales. Mexico and many other tamale-making countries have tamaladas around Christmas time. Tamaladas are a full-day affair where friends and family gather together to (socialize and…) make tamales. Yum.
Photo credit: Paulina Sosa picture at local Tamalada in San Antonio, TX. Tamales from Dale Tamale.
La Nochebuena y Navidad: Dec. 24th- 25th 
Where English-speaking countries typically place the importance on Christmas Day, many Hispanic countries place the focus on Christmas Eve. That’s the day for large family gatherings and opening presents, while Christmas Day is calm and lowkey.
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As partners in the Juntos Si Podemos Campaign, we want to share key resources, events, and activities to help you y su familia stay safe this holiday season.
Listen to the stories from nuestra familia, comunidad, y colegas- on how "Living with COVID-19" has been for them. 
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Living with COVID-19 Video Testimonials: 
We are excited to partner with the HHS campaign, Juntos Si Podemos, to share and highlight the stories from nuestra comunidad. A special thank you to everyone who submitted and shared their story of what "Living with COVID-19" was like for them. We appreciate you. 

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Juntos Si Podemos Virtual Town Hall: Community Conversation on COVID-19 & Vaccines:
We hosted a town hall with the HHS Juntos Si Podemos Campaign to create a safe space for families, students, caregivers, teachers and anyone in the community to have an open conversation about COVID-19 with panelists, especially to talk about children & school safety. 

To access the full recording and resources, click here.

Las Vacunas Contra el COVID-19 Son ¿Que?: Building Digital Health Literacy Among Latinx-serving CBOs During COVID-19: We also hosted a recent Town Hall that focused on answering any questions or concerns you had around COVID-19, vaccines, booster shots, and children vaccinations. Also, together we tacked myths and misinformation that has been circulating online.

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From the Latinx Voces and Task Force family- muchisimas gracias y nos vemos en el próximo año. Cuidate mucho y fuerte abrazo!
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