Es el año nuevo!

And we are excited to start it off with YOU!

... But we know it's been off to an odd start with the new COVID variant, Omicron. We are reminded, though, by one of our sheros, Frida Kahlo, that: "At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can."

And THAT, mis amigos, is how we, as a comunidad, continue to tap into our strength, resilience, & ESPERANZA to KEEP... MOVING... FORWARD....

So today's newsletter is meant to be a tad more interactive.
Because we want to hear from YOU!
How did COVID-19 affect you?
So... what's going on with COVID?
As I read an article here in Texas from The Texas TribuneOut of sight, out of mind”: Omicron and Christmas collide in Texas", I felt that this headline couldn't have been more accurate.

Omicron really did collide with many of our holiday plans and gatherings.

And even though now, many of us have returned to work, and our children have returned to class, and very little seems to have changed...we must remain safe and vigilant
The big question is ¿Cómo? - especially in this Omicron surge...
Information es Poder.

And that is why we have partnered with Juntos Si Podemos, World Voices Media, Hispanic Communications Network, and many other partners around the country- to ensure you have the information you need for the decisions you need to make for your loved ones. 

See below for some of our recent events and additional information.

Living with COVID-19 Video Testimonials: We are excited to partner with the HHS campaign, Juntos Si Podemos, to share and highlight the stories from nuestra comunidad. A special thank you to everyone who submitted and shared their story of what "Living with COVID-19" was like for them. We appreciate you. 

To share your story, email us at

Todo sobre la vacuna del COVID-19 para niños: The Health Initiative of the Americas hosted an event where listeners were invited to participate in the two-hour Summit, where experts discuss vaccines against Covid-19 for children.

To access the full recording, click here.

Las Vacunas Contra el COVID-19 Son ¿Que?: Building Digital Health Literacy Among Latinx-serving CBOs During COVID-19: We also hosted a recent Town Hall that focused on answering any questions or concerns you had around COVID-19, vaccines, booster shots, and children vaccinations. Also, together we tacked myths and misinformation that has been circulating online.

To access the full recording and resources, click here.

Juntos Si Podemos Virtual Town Hall: Community Conversation on COVID-19 & Vaccines: We hosted a town hall with the HHS Juntos Si Podemos Campaign to create a safe space for families, students, caregivers, teachers and anyone in the community to have an open conversation about COVID-19 with panelists, especially to talk about children & school safety. 

To access the full recording and resources, click here.

Y también, aquí tenemos más información sobre el COVID-19:
We all have a story of how COVID-19 has affected us.
And we want to hear yours.
Hear our latest In Salud Podcast episode today!
Stay up to date on our Juntos Si Podemos efforts here.
But there's more to 2022, than just COVID-19!

Many of us have started 2022 with a renewed vision, intention, and hope as we start this new year fresh with new resolutions.

And we'd love to hear yours!
What are some of your 2022 resolutions?
And, what activities would you like to see more of this year?
If you're interested to get involved with the Latinx Voces team, or to become a partner with the Task Force- just email us at
We want to close this email by saying again-

From the Latinx Voces and Task Force familia- we are together with you in the midst of this pandemic. We are all tired and exhausted, but we find hope in each other's encouragement, prayers, and stories.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions you may have or to request any resources you may need.  

We are here for you! 
Estamos aqui para ustedes!
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