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ESIP UPDATE: May 23, 2016

Good morning ESIP,

Keep your eyes open this week for the ESIP Evaluation Survey; this is an opportunity for you, the ESIP community, to provide feedback on ESIP strengths, areas to improve, impacts and infrastructure. This week we'll also be sharing the plenary speaker lineup for this year's Summer Meeting! 

Lastly, I'd like to highlight a new blog post by ESIP Student Fellow Sophie Hou about applying usability practices and principles to data archives.

As always, if you have any items you'd like to see included in the next update, contact me at Have a great week! 

Annie (AB)

Meeting News

  • 2016 Summer Meeting Schedule
  • Research as Art: Call for Submissions

Federation News

  • Testbed Request for Proposals: Deadline Extended
  • New Scientific Stewardship Paper 
  • Notes from DrupalCon
Around the Federation
  • AGU Blog: Data Science for Collaboration and Community-Building
  • Environmental Commons Workshop
  • [JobOpps] International e-Infrastructure Coordination Officer
  • Monday: Cloud Computing / Documentation
  • Tuesday: Semantic Technologies
  • Wednesday: Drupal / Visioneers
  • Thursday: ESDA 
View ESIP's meeting calendar here. All call-in information is linked from the calendar. 
Meeting News
2016 Summer Meeting Schedule
The draft schedule for the 2016 ESIP Summer Meeting is now available! Please note that we are using a new scheduling interface. We encourage you to try it out and let us know what you think. A few things to note:  Research as Art: Call for Submissions
At this year’s Summer Meeting we'll hold a Research as Art event on the evening of Wednesday, July 20, instead of the traditional Summer Meeting poster session. Our goal is to encourage the ESIP community to use visual media to communicate their data and research; and to think about their research as an ongoing narrative that can be told through visual media.

ubmissions will be accepted through June 5. Read the submission instructions and submit your entry here
Federation News
Testbed Request for Proposals: Deadline Extended 
The ESIP Products and Services Committee announces a deadline extension for Testbed projects. Projects for this call should focus on innovative and collaborative implementation of new ideas and technologies, in keeping with the strong tradition of Testbed projects pursued in the past. ESIP works through the Testbed to provide resources to support such projects throughout the project lifecycle. This proposal round offers three project types: incubator projects (proofs of concept), prototype projects (extension of a more mature projects), and fast-track projects (improvements to the Testbed evaluation efforts). Details about these project types and how to propose are in the attachment below. If you have any questions, please send questions to the Testbed Configuration Board at

Proposals may be submitted by any ESIP organization, an individual within such an organization, or a team of such individuals. Civil servants are restricted from receiving ESIP funds. 

New Scientific Stewardship Paper
Several ESIP members authored a paper entitled "Scientific Stewardship in the Open Data and Big Data Era — Roles and Responsibilities of Stewards and Other Major Product Stakeholders" that has been published by D.Lib Magazine, available online here.

This paper consists of two parts. The first part introduced multi-domain stewardship roles: data stewards, scientific stewards, and technology stewards, and pointed out that effective long-term scientific stewardship of digital environmental data products requires an integrated and coordinated team effort of stewards. The second part of the paper formalized high-level responsibilities of key product players including stewards and other major product stakeholders in ensuring and improving data quality and usability.
The latest version of the slides on roles and responsibilities for ensuring and improving data quality and usability can be found here.

ESIP Members Attend DrupalCon
The ESIP Drupal Working Group sponsored two ESIP members to attend the May 2016 Drupal Conference (DrupalCon) in New Orleans to help these members grow their Drupal skills, learn new technologies and expand their professional networks. Jen Hinds from the Northwest Knowledge Network (NKN) was one of the two members who received sponsorship; here she shares her DrupalCon experience. Inigo San Gil of the International Long Term Ecological Research Network was the other sponsored member; he shares his DrupalCon experience here.
Around the Federation
AGU Blog: Data Science for Collaboration and Community-Building
In a new blog post for AGU Tom Narock, ESIP's Semantic Technologies Committee chair, discusses how social network connectivity can be applied to scientific communities of practice, such as AGU's Earth and Space Science Informatics Group (ESSI). Tom found that there are a handful of key individuals central to AGU’s informatics and data science efforts. This information is beneficial for an organization as it seeks to understand and develop outreach, engagement and leadership opportunities. Read more here.

Environmental Commons Workshop
The Center for Data Intensive Science at the University of Chicago is organizing a one-day workshop in Chicago on June 9, 2016 on environmental data commons and data sharing.

There will be sessions on the environmental commons, services for environmental commons, 
environmental data commons applications, the NOAA Big Data Alliance, and interoperability of environmental commons, clouds, and repositories. 
To register, and find more information including workshop location, agenda, and options for lodging, please visit:

[JobOpps] International e-Infrastructure Coordination Officer
The Belmont Forum e-Infrastructure Coordination, Communications and Collaboration Office (C3O) seeks a full-time Coordination Officer for a period of up to three years to foster and support international communication, collaboration, and coordination to implement recommendations in the e-Infrastructures and Data Management Community Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP). 

To apply and learn more about the Belmont Forum, please visit this site.

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