Happy Fall!

I hope you are enjoying the crisp, cool air... the bright blue skies... the leaves... the sound of football pads crunching against each other. Ahhh! To all the coaches in America, let me say these few words: BLACK practice pants, people! I have done more laundry this football season than I have ever done in my entire life. White pants. Honestly. 

So, Now What?

Refined coverGreat question. Razed is steadily building a following and the early comments from readers have encourged me to no end. If you haven't read it, I'd love for you to check it out. If you have read it, please leave a review. Prospective readers are much more likely to pick it up if others have enjoyed it. Many thanks!

In the meantime, I'm editing Refined, the next book in the series. Here's the thing- I drafted Refined right after Indemnity. Since Indemnity, I've drafted... seven more books. (Yes, my writing habits are weird.) Refined was actually the first book I outlined (even before Contingency), and was set to be the first in this series. The middle book, focusing on Cass' brother, Nick, got moved out to make room for Razed. Someday, Nick... 

No one dies in Refined, and our old friends Chuck, Bobbi, and 14-year-old Jack Molinsky appear, not to mention Phil Shannon's son, David. A tangled web, I know, but it's kind of fun connecting folks. We're all connected in real life, so why not in my parallel universe? :-) 

What else?
If you are a regular blog reader, and I hope you are, you've noticed we're running out of books of the Bible to "tip". As soon as we finish the books up, I'm working on a way to compile all those tips in a handy-dandy e-book. Watch for it after the first of the year.

National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo - Last year, I drafted Sanction. This year... nah. I drafted a great new book this summer about Phil and Donna's early life. (Couldn't wait 'til November.) I figure I'll spend this November with Doug and Cass and cheer on my daughter who IS taking on the 50K challenge. Besides having two homeschoolers has taken a little adjusting on my part. We're still getting our routine ironed out. (Sometimes you just gotta say 'no'.)

Adoption news - Our license is stalled thanks to the budgetary woes here in the Land of Lincoln. We've written our representatives, but they have re-election on the brain, I'm sure. God knows, though, and we're confident He'll break the logjam in His time. 

Finally - We ran a Kindle promo for Contingency this past month and I was blown away by the response. Folks snapped it up, read it and graciously sent emails, and left Facebook messages to let me know how the book impacted them. Every one of these digital notes is a treasure and I don't  take any of them for granted. I am deeply appreciative of everyone who invests their time into one of these books. Then when someone cares enough to send me a message... that's pretty specatacular. We welcomed new Facebook friends and new subscribers all month long. I humbly thank you for your part in it all.


Therefore we also have as our ambition, whether at home or absent, to be pleasing to Him. 2 Corinthians 5:9 NAS

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