Happy Summer!

I am so glad school is out, the schedules have loosened their tyranny just a touch, and the smells of honeysuckle, chlorine and sunscreen are regular visitors. Fall is still my favorite season, but summer feels like freedom. Ahhh....
With the summer comes the summer reading list. I have a stack of books for next school year and for research, and a few  just for fun (could it be?). Lately I've been reading Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll, What the Bible Says about Love, Marriage and Sex by David Jeremiah, Rid of My Disgrace by Justin & Lindsay Holcomb, George Orwell's 1984 and Endless War by Ralph Peters. I'll let you figure out which category each one falls into. :-) 

RAZED Update
Razed cover

Because I was slow and didn't get this newsletter out on Monday like I'd planned, it means I have new, up-to-the-minute information. (See, procrastination is not always a bad thing...) Just last night I got the edits back for Razed, the first book in the new Foundations series. I was absolutely astounded by the editor's encouraging words. I mean, wow... So my very next order of business is sorting through and making the suggested corrections and tweaks to get this one ready for release. Check out the cover art! 

Indemnity Named a Religious Fiction Finalist
Indemnity, Book Two in the Covenant of Trust series was named a Finalist in Religious Fiction in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. The contest is sponsored by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group. Yay Indemnity!

Daughters of the King Recap
I had a great time at North Park Baptist in Evansville last month. What a blessing! I'm so thankful for the opportunity. If you have 23 minutes you're not going to do anything else with, I invite you to check out the YouTube video of the talk. (Thanks Lauren!) I also posted a transcript on my website. 

Other Irons in the Fire
  • A great new project- Phil and Donna's backstory. I am loving this book. I'm pretty sure you will too. I posted a teaser last month. (Click to read if you missed it.)
  • Refined edits - As soon as Razed is out the door the heavy edits will start on book 2 so we don't keep you waiting too long.
  • Sanction edits - Covenant of Trust Book 4 is going to be dynamite. It opens at Dylan Snider's sexual assault trial, passes through the trial for Brad's killer, and then Chuck.... Wait, I can't tell you. But it's good. Watch for a preview later this year.

Thank you for your part in this amazing adventure! I am truly blessed by your support and encouragement.


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