Happy March!
We finally got one glorious snow day... so now I'm ready for spring. I've run my first race of the season, the second is later this month and the television is full of basketball. It seems the buzzword for spring is "new". New leaves, new flowers... and a new release.

Refined coverReady for Refined

I spent this past weekend making the corrections on Refined the editor suggested. Now I'm working on all those little details before sending my final draft to the interior designers. Once that's done and approved, we move to the printed copy approval and then the release. Whew! That said, I don't have a solid release date. The paperback will release about a month before the e-book versions. I will get firmer dates as the actual releases get closer, but I expect Refined to be available before the end of March. Watch my Facebook page for updates.

We will also have a trailer ready just any day now, too. I'm excited to share it with you.

Back Cover Copy
When Doug Bolling sues for custody of his grandchildren, he sincerely believes he’s rescuing them from a life of religious fanaticism, and it becomes the latest battle in his long war with God. His son, Mark, finally found the acclaim and respect he so desperately craved on the mission field in Kenya, but it meant abandoning a promise he made to his dying mother years earlier. With renewed commitment to God, Mark brings his family home for the legal battle of a lifetime.
As proof of that commitment, Mark resolves to trust God for the outcome of their case. His wife, Julie, sees his peace as passivity and when Doug wins temporary custody of their children, she loses her faith in God and her husband. Left alone, Mark discovers victory sometimes requires complete surrender.
For Doug, the legal victory is hardly as neat and tidy as he envisioned. Soon he realizes his longtime companion and soul mate, Cassandra Grayson, is drawn to the gentle faith of his grandchildren. As religion threatens to tear Doug and Cass apart, he must find a way to make peace with the God he has bitterly scorned or risk losing everything.

Want to help?
Reviews are extremely helpful in building an audience for a book. I'd love to get some more reviews for Razed and get some posted for Refined soon after its release. To do this I'd like to enlist the help of 15 early reviewers. All you have to do is email me the link to your review of Razed and I will send you the ebook for Refined.just as soon as I get it (and before it becomes available to the public.) Read it, review it, and begin anxiously awaiting Book 3. (2014, that's all I know.) In all seriousness, without great readers like you, there would be no books. You have my deepest thanks.

What's Next?

Sanction edits will begin shortly and additional research for Resolute is high on my to-do list for this summer. I have a dynamite backstory book with Phil and Donna that I hope to get contracted this year and a few other projects percolating as well. In fact, I've spent the whole month of February tinkering around with a new story. Now you know how writers take a break from writing... they write. 

Also scheduled for summer is a makeover for my office. The cracks in the plaster ceiling are growing daily and we would much prefer it comes down in a planned controlled fashion. This means my office is getting packed up and moved to some corner downstairs for the duration. Let me just say, I have a lot of stuff in my office, and while a few things have been voted off the island... it's going to take a lot of boxes. Sigh. At least the pool will be open by then.

A blessed Easter to you and yours, and may the wonder of that amazing morning touch your heart and renew your spirit.


"Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You" Exodus 33:13

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