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As this newsletter lands in your inbox, I am conquering the majestic slopes of Chamonix, while away on an exciting luxury adventure! I bet I am totally loving it too :)

When planning out the year ahead, I decided that 2013 deserves a motto instead of a resolution. My motto was going to be 'Explore. Dream. Discover'- the infamous words of wisdom from Mark Twain.

When I saw his quote (see image), the words resonated with me so much, that I could feel my bones tingling. Then literally within just days of using them as my affirmation, these three amazing, unplanned, exciting surprises happened:

1). I got on the The Psychology of Eating School's list of top 50 raw food blogs. Which one of you beautiful people should I be thanking for nominating Better Raw for this wonderful privilege? 

2). I won a scholarship from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach. If you've heard about this world's biggest nutrition school, you'll know that this is quite a BIG deal! I was blown away, totally shaken up. 

3). I discovered that my awesome top sales achiever of a friend (pictured) wins a luxury trip for 2 to go skiing in Chamonix, and can you guess who she choses to take with her? I mean- come on now! Can it get any better than this? Someone pinch me, please!

There are certainly times when a definitive plan is a must for your desired outcome. But there are even more times when letting go of all expectations and the need to control- is the only requirement to make room for miracles.

If you were to have a 3-word motto for 2013, what would it be?

Tanya Alekseeva

P.S. By the way, if you are interested to learn more about The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's course or better yet- join me on this adventure, email and mention my name for my $500 friends and family discount, which has another 3 weeks until expiry. (That's right- YOU are my friend and my family).

P.P.S. If you'd like to figure out whether you are headed in the right direction and whether a definitive plan or simply a reworded mission is the right strategy for you this year, I am once again accepting bookings for wellness coaching sessions! Keep an eye on your inbox for more details to follow or simply reply to this email with a request for info if you can't wait. :)


ARTICLE: how to eat and stay raw when it's brrr

(The list below is an extract (page 5 + page 6) from my new downloadable eBook 'Nourished- Comforting Raw Food Recipes For Winter')

my fridgeNeed a little inspiration in the form of practical and simple tips to eat and stay raw when it’s cold? Absolutely! Here’s  my list…
Spice it up.
Have you ever taken a bite of a jalapeño and sat back to enjoy the sunset? If you have done these simultaneously, you are my hero and I want to hear from you! As for everyone else- you know how hard it is to chill on the sofa, as you attempt to chill your mouth. You don’t need to go to this extreme though, just add a little spice like ginger, cumin, paprika, coriander, etc to your dishes and enjoy the feeling of warming up from the inside out.
Dust off the dehydrator.
David Wolfe says it best: “Eat foods that are warming, such as dehydrated foods, they are more calorically dense, therefore typically more warming”.
See abundance, everywhere.
It is easy to feel like we are missing out, especially since we are regularly bombarded with enticing images of ‘freshly’ baked breads and crispy roasts. But you will never fall into that trap again, if you start discovering how many vegetable, fruit and nut varieties are out there. In fact, even if you eat a brand new variety every day for the rest of your life, you still won’t be able to try all of them.


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FestiveNourishedPurifiedSeducedRaw Food 101raw goods


If you want to find out how much you love + respect your body, look inside your pantry.
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"Cow's milk is for baby calves. You have no more need for cow's milk, than the need for giraffe, horse or rat milk."- Dr Michael Klaper
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RECIPE: marinated mushroom ravioli with pistachio pesto & cream

look!If you ever decide on hosting a dinner party, don't bother crawling the net for ideas again. I have you covered!

This marinated mushroom ravioli is hands-down the best dish I've ever tasted. Maybe I was just really hungry? Well, the best way to really know is to make it for three meals in a row and then decide. Done it. Decided. Yep still the best meal ever.

So good in fact, that I popped it into an ever growing collection of recipes for my book- a real yummy hard cover book, that you can touch and dribble on- but couldn't possibly keep you guys waiting for however long that will take to get published, so there you go, please enjoy it ASAP.

Even better still is that you can have the entire recipe all prepared, marinated, and served in less than an hour (just have soaked sunflower seeds and cashews ready!). Everybody wins.

See the recipe>>


tanya alekseeva

About Tanya

Tanya Alekseeva is a wellness coach, chef, author, Reiki do Satori master healer, and a renowned raw food and detox expert. Born in Russia, raised in New Zealand and now living in London, she focuses her coaching to ensure busy individuals achieve their most desired wellbeing and ultimate health objectives. Tanya is the founder of Better Raw, co-founder of Lush Escapes, creator of 'Raw Food 101' DVD, author of numerous eBooks, as well as a FREE report '15 World's Healthiest Foods' available on


This is soon

Raw Food 101 class
Sunday 24th Feb

If you are new to Raw Foods or simply confused about your next steps, you will find this fascinating class as educational and inspiring as it will be life changing! I will be sharing my top tips and recipes from RawFood101 DVD at Chelsea's Duo Fitness to demonstrate how easily you can make this Spring your healthiest, lightest and happiest ever. Book here>> 


Even sooner

Raw Chocolate 101
Saturday 2 Feb

The beginner's chocolate workshop is back by popular demand! This time I'm holding it a week before Valentines Day so that you get to discover how easy it is to make healthy treats for your loved one (YOU!). Learn to decorate, roll or mould your own dark/white/milky chocolate, goji & orange infused, mint & chocolate fudge brownie, fruity truffles & dipped macaroons. Taste and take home everything in a beautiful ribbon box. Book here>>


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