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I hope everybody is enjoying the great weather. The rain in the last few weeks has transformed our landscape into a patchwork of lovely green farmland adorned with yellow blooms, making our rides even more pleasant. I was lucky enough to squeeze in a couple of rides this past weekend, including the new Toutant Mirror ride.  This particular ride is a great addition because it appeals to those who don't want to drive too far for a ride.

The title of this column tells it all--the bike lanes at South Flores will very soon be a thing of the past. The city approved their removal. It did not matter that there was evidence provided by city engineers that showed the traffic was not being severely affected by the bike lanes.  Instead, the city council listened to unsubstantiated claims that the bike lanes made traffic more dangerous around the area.  As a result, the city council voted 10-1 to remove the bike lanes at a cost to the city of up to $700,000.

This decision is a step backward for a city that should be committed to building a bike network that supports a healthy lifestyle for the people. I want to thank Johnny Cox, our representative at the BMAC, for making every effort to make our voices heard. The fact is, the South Flores bike lanes are gone, as well as the 1604 shoulders near 281. Although the city has made improvements for cycling in the last few years, some parts of town are losing ground and we all are affected by those decisions.  You can help our effort by speaking about cycling around the city.  If we don’t persuade the city to better support the needs of cyclists,  we’ll be driving miles outside the city in order to safely ride our bikes.

On June 14th, we’ll have our annual picnic at Schertz park.  We’ll ride our usual Cibolo routes, but from a different start location. There will be some great food after the ride. Make plans to join us!
Also, we’re planning a 4th of July ride in Fredericksburg.  The route will be fully marked, there will be a supported rest stop, and a limited SAG.  We’ll have ice-cold watermelon at the finish!  Plan to join the group for lunch afterwards at Hondo’s.  The ride starts and finishes at Marketplatz in Fredericksburg.

Thanks. See you on the road!

Jose H. Rojas

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