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It's hard to believe that it's already March.  Now is the time to get on your bike and experience the pleasure of cycling.  I didn't get a chance to ride as much as I wanted to in February.  So, I'm hoping that we'll have some great weather in order to get in plenty of miles this month.  The Easter Hill Country Tour will be here in no time!

Please try to join us for this weekend's rides.  On Saturday, we'll be riding from Bullis County Park.  We'll be riding in Castroville on Sunday.

President’s Column
Help Needed:
George Curtis, the Wheelmen VP Newsletter, will be leaving San Antonio soon and we need a replacement. The position involves editing items for the web site and posting them to the web site (it is very easy to post items – even I can do it), and taking information from Member of the Month candidates and writing the item then posting to the web site. The VP newsletter also reviews items from the League of American Bicyclists, the Texas Bicycle Coalition and local organizations to find news items for the web site. Anyone with average computer skills can handle this position since it mainly involves cutting and pasting items to the web site.  If interested contact me any evening at 210-957-0464 for additional information.
Tom Manning, our current Ride Committee Chair, will start working full time as Director of the 2013 Easter Hill Country Tour (it is the Wheelmen's turn again next year) later this year and we need to replace him this summer. We have “permanent” ride starters for many of our rides and have a ride sequence list so this position mainly involves getting the schedule posted and making occasional changes. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who would like to be involved in helping with our efforts to develop new Wheelmen routes. Call me if you are interested or would like additional information.
Join the Wheelmen Tour de Cure Team:
The Wheelmen will field a team for the May 19th Tour de Cure charity ride for the American Diabetes Association. This will be a one-day ride this year. As an inducement to join the team, the Wheelmen are offering $25 in fund raising support for the first 20 members who join the team. This is a very enjoyable ride with excellent rest stops and SAG support for a very worthy cause. For information on how to join the team read the News Item in the Pedaler section on the Club web site or contact team leader Russell Voyles at or call him evenings at 210-497-6820. Put on your Wheelmen Jersey and join our team! Russell will schedule team training rides to help you prepare for the event.
2012 Easter Hill Country Tour:
The EHCT will be held April 6-8 in Kerrville. As one of the four sponsoring bicycle clubs (SAW, Houston, Austin and Ft Worth) we need to help assure the success of this event. The routes are great (should be lots of wildflowers this year), there are rest stops every 10-12 miles, and there is also SAG support plus social events. Put on your Wheelmen jersey and join us for the rides. I will be riding Friday and Saturday and will do stay-together rides of about 40 miles on both days if anyone is interested. If you have not done this event in the past, you are missing one of the best cycling events in Texas. The EHCT draws 800-1,000 riders from throughout the USA and even some foreign riders. It takes less than an hour to drive to Kerrville and the ride is well worth the drive. Early registration ends on March 12th. Register early to get three days of great riding in the beautiful Texas Hill Country for only $45.
New Maps and Routes:
The club has been working on some new routes and maps to provide new riding opportunities. Kelly Sile updated the Woman Hollering Creek maps and developed maps for the new routes from New Berlin (this will be a fantastic ride when the wild flowers are blooming). She is also working with me to develop and map two new western routes from Bullis County Park, one to the Flag Stop on I-10 (36 miles) and the other to the Bear Moon Bakery in downtown Boerne (38 or 44 miles). We hope to have those routes and maps ready soon. In addition, Jose Rojas has taken the lead to develop new maps for downloading to GPS devices. This will enable members with GPS computers to download club maps directly to their computer. Watch for additional information in Club emails, the Pedaler section on the web page, and in this column. Come to the Bullis Park ride on March 3rd and join me for a stay-together ride to the Flag Stop. There are some hills, but it is a great ride.
Rider Education Series:
Last month I reviewed some of the activities of our Club. One of our most important activities is the Rider Education Series. This program started in 2006 and through 2009 we conducted six-week long Adult Road Riding courses. In 2010 we modified the course by breaking it into a four-week Road Riding 101 course (1 week of academics and 3 of riding) and a four-week Road Riding 201 course (4 weeks of riding at the scheduled Wheelmen rides except for week 4). These courses are designed for new adult riders or adult riders who have been off their bikes for several years. If you fit either category or know someone who does contact the Bicycle Education Committee Chair, Bob Marroquin, at 210-667-6709 or Lynn Blanco, the Administrative Assistant, at 210-867-5942.
There is a RR201 class starting on March 24th which is an excellent way to prepare for the Tour de Cure on May 19th if you have not been riding over the winter. This course has rides in the 30-40 mile range the first three weeks and a 52 mile graduation ride.
We always need experienced riders to help teach these classes. You will find it very rewarding to work with the new riders and pass on your knowledge on how to ride safely while having fun. Call Bob and volunteer to help with a class this year.

Cliff Hickel

General Membership Meeting
Our by-laws call for four general membership meetings per year. We normally designate the SAW Picnic, the Holiday Party and two other occasions as general membership meetings. The Cibolo ride on March 31st will be classifed as a general membership meeting.  We'll have a few short announcements before the pre-ride briefing. Come to this ride wearing your Wheelmen jersey so we can show our “colors”.  Please join us for lunch at Catalano’s Pizza at noon following the ride.  We will give away some SAW items during lunch and you have to be present in order to win!

Siclovia Returns!
Are you looking for a fun option to the regularly scheduled Wheelmen ride this Sunday?  We have just the ticket for you.  San Antonio is celebrating spring with its second Siclovia event on March  4th from 10 AM to 3 PM.  A Síclovía is a non-competitive event that temporarily turns busy city streets into large recreational areas for people to enjoy. The street can be used for anything from bicycling and jogging to skateboarding and dodge ball. The idea is to get out, get active and enjoy your community.  This car free day is an opportunity for people to enjoy their city in a new way. It gives them opportunity to ride down a major street on a bike with their family with out the fear of cars.  At numerous spots along the way, there will be activity demos, live music, food vendors, and all kinds of other stuff for people of all ages.  For more information, check out

We will have scheduled ride during the event.  We'll start from the Pearl Brewery at 9 AM

New Wheelmen Jersey
The latest Wheelmen jersey has the same great design, but more lightweight material and a reduced price--$55!  Please contact Vicki Smith.

Ride Starters
As you know, SAW rides would not go off as well as they do without members who step up and volunteer to be ride leaders.  If you have considered being a ride leader, now is the ideal time to volunteer.  Don’t be concerned about what’s involved in being a ride leader.  The responsibility is relatively painless and primarily involves showing up early at rides to post the maps, setting out the sign-up sheets, and conducting a pre-ride briefing.  We also offer ride leader training.  If you lead four rides during the year, your annual SAW membership is free!  To join this group of volunteers critical to the success of our club, contact our Ride Committee Chair, Tom Manning via e-mail or phone at 210-496-2351.

Your Opinion Matters!
We are always looking for feedback on how we can improve the club.  Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to Tony Beauford.  Do you have a new route that you would like to share?  Please contact Tom Manning.

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