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As usual, the month of May was a great month for getting outside and enjoying a bike ride.  I love being able to ride from my house at 6:45 AM for a 45-minute or 1-hour ride before work.  There were plenty of charity rides and we also had some great weekend rides.  On Memorial Day, we had about 10 riders do the new 52-mile route from Cibolo.  It was fun and fast!

If you've recently taken or are planning to take a cycling vacation, please feel free to share your experience with the club.  We'd love to hear about it.

Please try to make it to one of our weekend rides.  On Saturday, we'll be doing Big Joshua Creek.  Our Sunday ride starts in Elmendorf.

President's Column

The Club Needs Your Help:
Here I go again asking for help, but the Club cannot function without help from the members. We have two opportunities which will not take a lot of your time, will be of great benefit to the club, and will bring a great deal of pleasure to the willing volunteer.
  • Ride Starters:  We are adding several new rides to the schedule and need additional ride starters. All you have to do is have people sign the ride sheet, hand out maps and give the pre-ride briefing. It only takes a few minutes and the Club members will be very grateful.  If you need additional information or want to volunteer, contact Tom Manning via e-mail or at 210-364-9854. This is a very easy way to provide much-needed help to the club with minimum effort. Not only is it painless, but if you start four rides a year, your membership renewal is free!
  • Rider Education Instructors: The Wheelmen Rider Education Series training program started in 2007 when Sam Perez developed the program and was lead instructor for the first class. Since that time we have conducted three classes per year for new adult riders or those returning to riding after several years off the bike. In 2010 we divided the original six-week course into two four-week courses. Many of the current club members are graduates of the Road Riding 101 and 201 classes. Since about 2009 a small group of club members have volunteered to be instructors for the program. We need at least 6 new instructors to keep the program functioning effectively without the same people helping class after class. You will find that helping with a Road Riding class is an extremely rewarding experience. Each 101 and 201 class is four weeks long (four consecutive Saturdays) and we are usually finished before noon. Volunteer to help with one four-week class a year. We are seeking Club members with several years riding experience (even more is better) to help these new riders learn how to ride safely on area roads and have fun doing it. For more information or to volunteer contact Bob Marroquin at 210-667-6709.
Wheelmen Picnic:
The annual Wheelmen picnic was held on Saturday, May 12th, at Pickrell Park in Schertz. We used the Cibolo routes but started from the park, which added 6 miles to each of the routes. The shelter at the park offered a great place to serve the tasty food from Rudy’s BBQ and provided shelter from the sun. The weather was great and the turnout for the picnic exceeded each of the past two years. Thanks to Erica Garcia for organizing the picnic!

Wheelmen Tour de Cure:
Please be sure to read Russell Voyle's write-up about this year's Tour de Cure.  I want to thank Russell for serving as team captain.  I also want to thank Vicki Smith and the other Club members who ran the Wheelmen rest stop on the Tour de Cure's century route. They had to make a long trip and worked under difficult conditions (water and ice were not delivered on time) but ran a very efficient rest stop. The Tour de Cure staff estimated that it would take 15 people at the site but the Wheelmen did it with 8!
Six Week Ride Schedule Sequence:
The new six-week ride sequence has been implemented and is working well except for a shortage of ride starters. This new schedule sequence was implemented to provide more interesting riding opportunities for Club members. The most popular rides (based on attendance) are scheduled on Saturdays and we will rotate other rides on the Sunday schedule. If your favorite ride is not scheduled on the first two six week sequences (May 1st through July 22nd), notify the Ride Committee Chair and we can work it into the schedule on a rotational basis.  Please let the Board know how the new ride schedule sequence works and provide suggestions for improvements. We are also making progress on getting some updated and new route maps. The next time you see Kelly Sile on a ride, thank her for the new maps!

 Cliff Hickel

2012 Wheelmen Tour de Cure Team
This year the San Antonio Wheelmen recruited a team of 17 riders for the American Diabetes Association’s annual Tour de Cure (TDC).  This is one of the largest teams we've had in years.  Currently, the SAW team has raised $5,220 and funds are still rolling in.  The current amount surpasses our goal of $5,0000.  We have until June 15th to raise donations for this year.  Four members have raised over $500, which will get them a TDC jersey to wear next year.

This year, the TDC underwent major changes.  It's no longer a two-day event.  The event previously stretched from San Antonio to Austin on a Saturday and Sunday and included a night spent in San Marcos.  This year it was split between two one-day events in San Antonio (South Texas TDC) and Austin (Central Texas TDC).  Austin's event was held on May 5th and San Antonio's event was held on May 19th. 

The South Texas TDC started at Champion High School in Boerne and featured 1, 17, 32, 62, and 100-mile routes.  Of course, these new routes included many more hills than in past years!  They were all loops throughout the Hill Country and riders were supported with multiple rest stops and SAG vehicles.

It was a wonderful day for the ride.  The morning started out cool and cloudy but soon warmed up.  The Start/Finish area had plenty of food, snacks and drinks and the volunteers were some of the most enthusiastic I have seen!   Many of my teammates did the 62-mile route and a couple toyed with the idea of doing the century route.  I was part of a stay-together group that completed the 32-miler at a leisurely place. 

Food and medical services (the nurses fortunately looked lonely and bored) were provided at the end of the ride.  There were also multiple massage tables that were fully utlized.  The entire event was very well organized and enjoyable.  I think that cutting the event from two days to one was very beneficial and will ensure the continuation of an enjoyable ride for years to come.

We'd love to have you on the team next year!

Russell Voyles

Renew Your Membership
If you recently received an e-mail about renewing your membership, you can do so on  You can also print the membership application, complete it and mail it to us.  We need your membership and we're constantly looking for your feedback on how we can improve the club.  Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to

New Wheelmen Jersey
The latest Wheelmen jersey has the same great design, but more lightweight material and a reduced price--$55!  Please contact Vicki Smith.

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