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From time to time its good for us to review our Bylaws and consider changes if needed. Like most organizations the club continues to evolve to meet the needs of it’s members. The board recently met and approved proposing a couple changes which we will ask you to vote on at the December Holiday Party and General Membership Meeting - one is a housekeeping matter.:

In Article III Board of Directors it lists eight positions:
President, Executive VP, Membership VP, Newsletter VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Ride Chair, Immediate Past President.

Later on in Article IV Officers and Committees it lists nine positions in section 1., the additional being a Website Editor. The board proposes we reconcile the two bylaw sections and combine the Newsletter VP and Web Editor into one position. The rational is that back in the day when the newsletter was a printed and mailed document, it required much time and effort to compose, edit, assemble and mail it. Now that it’s all done via email it’s much simpler and the tasks of Newsletter VP and Web Editor have been being done and by one person - for some time now the board has eight positions, not nine. This will also affect section 3 for Article IV: Duties and Committees by combining the duties of the two positions.

The second change the board recommends is to create a new position on the board, that being Vice President of Social Activities. The board believes that the social aspect of the club is key to it’s growth and health and needs a dedicated position to help nurture it and that person should have a vote in the direction of the club.

Currently in every board member’s position description it states that we are to:
Support Club rides and social events. Promoting and enhancing the social aspect of the club should be paramount to the board and the club in general.

All of this will be officially and properly spelled out in on the ballots at the December meeting however you may view the bylaws on our website, any time: You’ll find the link at the bottom of this page.

The Wheelmen Hotter ‘N Wichita Falls 100 ride
Thankfully the heat abated a little bit so the ride wasn’t done under extreme conditions. We were joined on the ride by the Velo Valero Club and had 36 riders attend it. It was a great day for the ride and it went off very well. Thanks to Cliff Hickel and Tori Cabello for driving SAG vehicles for us – both were utilized.

Organized Rides for Sept/Early October:

La Vernia Wild West Hammerfest, September 12th
H-E-B Bike Fest Boerne Sept 13th

2015 Fort Davis Cyclefest Tour September 19th
Bike MS: Valero Ride to the River October 3 & 4


How some motorists see us:

How we see ourselves:

See you on the road,
Bill Blackford

Some photos of our inaugural "Hotter ‘N Wichita Falls 100 ride"


Bicycle Education

The next class starts on September 12. Contact Cliff Hickel at to inquire or sign up for the class.

New Members
Bicycling Education

Bikes and Headphones: Do They Mix?
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We need your membership and we're constantly looking for your feedback on how we can improve the club. Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to Tony Beauford.

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Pedro Balawag
VP, Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Sept 5:   Boerne   
Sept 6:   WHC   
Sept 12: Bullis
Sept 13: Latte Ride
Sept 19: Rebecca

Sept 20: Bullis

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