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Spoiler alert:   Skip the next paragraph if you don't want to know who won today's women's Olympic time trial race...

This morning, I watched the women's Olympic time trial race.  The Olympic organization had three golden chairs set up near the finish.  Those three chairs were for the women who currently had the top three times.  It was amusing to watch a rider "lose" her chair when a rider came in with a better time.  I don't think those chairs are a good idea!  In the end, American Kristin Armstrong (no relation to Lance) was in the center golden chair because she won the gold medal.  She completed the 18-mile course in 37:34, which is well over 28 MPH! She also won the gold medal in 2008.  Just think about the training--the miles on the bike--that Kristin completed to successfully defend an Olympic gold medal.

Speaking of training, for those of you training for the Hotter'N Hell Hundred, welcome to August!  If July was any indication of what's coming, you will experience a very hot Saturday in Wichita Falls.  Get in the miles, stay hydrated, and set your personal record for a century.

Upcoming Rides
On Saturday, we'll be doing one of our most popular rides, Boerne.  If you love rolling hills, you'll be very happy that you joined us.   On Sunday, we'll be riding from Elmendorf.

President's Column

Try the New Rides/Routes:
This year we have resurrected some rides that were off the ride schedule for several years, added a new ride and developed new routes for current rides. Watch the ride schedule and come try these new/revised riding experiences.
The New Berlin ride was added this year and is scheduled again for Saturday, September 1st. It is a bit of a drive to get out there, but the ride is worth it as the routes there get you on some great roads southeast of San Antonio. This is a relatively flat area with only a few hills, the traffic is ligh,t and the roads are in good shape for a relaxing and comfortable ride. To make it even better, you start/end at Britski’s so having lunch with fresh pie after the ride is a great option.
Sunday we did the Adkins Junction ride for the first time in at least 3-4 years. Tony Beauford made a few minor route changes and it turned out to be a great ride. I can’t remember why we stopped doing the ride, but look forward to doing it again. Join us the next time it is on the schedule.
JD Simpson developed a new Urban Breakfast route that we will get on the schedule in the near future. The route departs from the Pearl Brewery, goes through downtown, then picks up the Mission Reach Trail (there is a new 1-mile section open with more miles to open by the end of the year). The return goes back through the east edge of downtown with a stop for breakfast before riding by the Alamo on the way back to the Pearl. Look for this one to be scheduled for a Sunday ride.
LaVernia is another ride that has been resurrected after several years off the ride schedule (again, I can’t remember why we stopped doing this ride). We have new maps which make the routes easier to follow and this is also a fairly flat area in which to ride.  We held the ride on Sunday, July 29th, and we will be scheduling this ride on a regular basis in the future.
The Marion ride has been on the schedule off and on for the past few years, but is now being scheduled on a regular basis. This ride also offers some great routes east and southeast of San Antonio. Come out for the next Marion ride on August 26th.
One of the most popular rides on the new six-week schedule is at Bullis County Park. Two new routes have been mapped going west from the park (our rides have gone north and east for the past several years). There is a new 36 mile route across Amman Road through Fair Oaks Ranch to the Flag Stop on IH-10 (there is a nice, flat 2 mile extension to make this a 38 mile route) and a 38/44 mile (out-and-back is 38 while the loop option is 44) route across Amman Road to SR46 and the Bear Moon Bakery in Boerne. The Bear Moon routes stop at the bakery for some great smelling and tasting “energy” snacks and a good cup of coffee. I can usually be talked into doing a stay-together ride on one of these routes.
We will continue to improve our rides, routes and maps to make your weekly Wheelmen ride a great experience. Contact Andy Hinck ( if you have a new route or idea to help improve a current ride.
Brush Up on Map Reading:
With new rides/ routes plus resurrected rides/routes, many of us will have to brush up on our map reading skills. We have done some of the routes so many times that a map is not needed -   except for the times you take a wrong turn. Riding the 34 mile Adkins Junction route last month was a new experience in that I did not remember the route! That required periodic glances at the map to identify the next route turn. Even then, we missed one turn toward the end but rode on a very nice road and still did 34 miles. The Wheelmen have great route maps that will always guide you along the route of your choice. Just remember to check your map when you're not sure where the turns are!
Cliff Hickel

Easter Hill Country Tour
As many of you know, the Wheelmen are sponsoring the 40th annual  Easter Hill Country Tour next year on Easter weekend, Mar 29-31.  This is a huge undertaking and the main money maker that allows us to accomplish the many programs that benefit our community.  To have another successful EHCT, we’ll need upwards of 75 volunteers to make it happen.  We ask you to consider volunteering for one of the committees, whether you can do it for one day or more.  We already have members who have volunteered to chair these committees; we now need volunteers to help with the committees.  Below is a list of committees that could use your help.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Tom Manning, EHCT Director, at or Cliff Hickel, EHCT Assistant, at

Marketing:  Registration/Pre-Registration
Rest Stops
Routes, Maps, and Signs Creation
Meals & Entertainment
T-Shirts & Logos

LiveStrong Challenge - Austin Ride
The LIVESTRONG Challenge ride supports Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation, which provides support for cancer victims, cancer education and cancer research. This charity supports a great cause with a very high percentage of funds collected actually going to the cause. The goal for the Austin ride this year is to have 4,000 cyclists participate and to raise $2 million. The Valero Alamo Bowl Team was asked to organize riders from San Antonio for the event and invited the Wheelmen to join them on the ride. They are new to team riding and anxious to get a good turnout of San Antonio riders. They will hold a team training rides, host a meet-n-greet event with food, provide other incentives, and provide a post-race party for the team. Some of the Valero Alamo Bowl staff will be doing their first group ride, so they plan on a laid back ride.

The LIVESTRONG Challenge is a fund raising event, but this year fund raising is optional. However, there is a $50 registration fee. The event will have routes of 20, 60 and 100 miles. This is an excellent opportunity to join other San Antonio riders on a fun ride to support a very worthy cause.  If you are interested in participating, check out the Valero Alamo Bowl Team page.  If you have any questions call Bryan Moynihan at the Valero Alamo Bowl staff. His office number is 210-704-6393 and his cell number is 210-394-0660.

Renew Your Membership
If you recently received an e-mail about renewing your membership, you can do so on  You can also print the membership application, complete it and mail it to us.  We need your membership and we're constantly looking for your feedback on how we can improve the club.  Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to

New Wheelmen Jersey
The latest Wheelmen jersey has the same great design, but more lightweight material and a reduced price--$55!  Please contact Vicki Smith.

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