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Dear Fellow Members,
If you’ve fallen into the winter riding funk, now is the time to break out of it. Winter’s over (such as it was) and Spring is calling, so let’s get out there.
Saturday, March 5th  - the club is offering a ride from Bullis Park to Bear Moon Bakery in Boerne.  If you’ve never been to the BMB make it a point to do this ride. Plan on lingering at their pastry case and grab a latte to chase down one of their wonderful treats.  Don’t worry about the calories, do the 44 miler and burn ‘em off.
Speaking of coffee and treats - Sunday the 13th will be the next Gruene Latte Ride.  This is a terrific ride both for the scenery, the moderate hills and the nice coffee break halfway.
March 25-27 is the Easter Hill Country Tour. Enjoy three days of challenging routes and great scenery.
Looking ahead to early April be thinking about the Tour de Castroville as well as the  LBJ 100 out of Stonewall, sadly they are both on the 2nd but both are great rides.
Major Board Announcement
This past fall the club voted to create the position of Vice President of Social Activities. I’m pleased to announce the board, at its February meeting appointed Lori Martinez to that position. Some might say we should have asked her first but this way she can’t refuse. (Okay, I’m just kidding. We really did ask her ahead of time.)  Lori was very active in organizing and conducting activities for the club in 2015 and we look forward to benefiting from the fruits of her labors in 2016.
And finally...
yet another worthwhile bike accessory:

Bill Blackford 

Club Ride Sign-in Sheets:
At every club ride all participants are asked to sign our waiver.  This document serves several purposes but first and foremost it is a release and waiver of liability. It means that by signing it, each rider understands that cycling is a sport in which serious injury and/or death may occur. And each rider accepts personal responsibility their choice to ride, including all financial responsibility for any damages which may occur on a club ride.  Please see a copy of the waiver for the exact verbiage.  But the point of it is pretty clear - the club and it’s officers and all related folks who serve the club in any capacity are not responsible for rider injuries.  By signing it, all riders agree to the statements on it.
Club insurance:  
The insurance the club carries does provide for minimal supplemental coverage in the event a member is hurt while participating in a club ride and requires medical attention. It DOES NOT cover the entire cost of a rider’s medical care. All it does is pay a portion of a rider’s own medical insurance deductible.  The rider’s own health insurance is their coverage, not the club’s insurance. Only club members who are current with their dues and who have signed the waiver for that day’s club ride are eligible for this coverage, guests and visitors are not eligible for it.

Bicycle Education

Contact Cliff Hickel at to inquire or sign up for the next class starting on March 5th, 2016.

New Members
Bicycling Education

Financial Benefits of Buying What You Love  

If you recently received an e-mail about renewing your membership, please visit our membership page.

We need your membership and we're constantly looking for your feedback on how we can improve the club. Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to Tony Beauford.

Pedro Balawag
VP, Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Mar  5:  Bear Moon
Mar  6:  Bullis
Mar 12: Rebecca
Mar 13: Latte Ride
Mar 19: Joshua
Mar 20: Cibolo

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