August 14, 2015
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The Paceline

Announcement of our new Annual Ride


The board is pleased to announce that the Wheelmen will be hosting its own annual fund raising ride commencing in the fall of 2016!

After deciding that we should conduct an annual ride, we concluded that our event should be tied to a worthwhile cause. We are pairing with Each One Teach One of San Antonio, a non-profit adult literacy program whose mission is to “improve the literacy levels of San Antonio’s adult population through individualized curricula and one-on-one tutoring”.

Why did we choose this particular organization? The board wanted to align the club with a local group that provides a much needed contribution to the overall good of the community. In addition to affecting illiterate individuals themselves in their daily lives, illiteracy has a social and economic impact on our community. One in four San Antonio adults read below a 5th grade level, rendering them "functionally illiterate". EOTO is a financially responsible charity in which most of the money it receives goes directly to the benefit of individuals and not to administrative expenses.

We plan to continue to provide support to the cycling-related organizations that we've supported in the past. This is part of our goals. We hope to grow this ride to be able to give a substantial amount to EOTO and provide the club with the income to continue to support the San Antonio-Bexar County MPO, the SAPD Bicycle Patrol , the SAFD EMT Bike Patrol, as well as other cycling related needs. Please visit our website to see the list of charities we’ve helped recently.

To make this a reality, we need the help of our members to organize and conduct the ride. Since this is a one-day ride, the logistics will be much easier than a multi-day event. EOTO will help supply much needed assistance in terms of marketing and promotion, staffing, and other areas to be determined.

This is a great opportunity for the club to step up and have a significant impact within our community. All it takes is a small commitment of time from us.

Below is a list of leadership positions needed, some of which have been filled. You do not need experience to be one of these leaders. The club has done all of this before--you won’t have to figure it out on your own. If you have volunteered when we've hosted the Easter Hill Country Tour, we need and covet your help. We want to make this ride a great success and your experience will be invaluable toward achieving that goal. If you cannot accept one of these chair positions, would you be willing to help in these areas or at least lend your experience, advice and guidance?

  • Co-Directors: Bill Blackford & Gil Hine

  • Each One Teach One Laison: Tanya Henderson

  • Finance Chair: Jeannette Burris

  • Website Chair: Tony Beauford

    • Set-up and maintain the ride website and manage online registrations

  • Route/Maps Chair: Kelly Sile

    • Work with directors to build route maps and mark the routes immediately prior to the ride

  • Registration Chair:

    • Oversee committee to produce materials for registration and giveaway packages.

  • Packet Coordinator

  • Artwork Coordinator

  • Marketing/Publicity Chair

    • Get the word out as much as possible

  • Sponsorship/Donations Chair

    • Recruit corporate sponsors and help acquire equipment and supplies cheaply.

  • Rest-Stop Chair

    • Personnel Coordinator

      • Recruit, train and assign volunteers to staff the rest stops

    • Non-Food and Equipment Coordinator

    • Food and Drink Coordinator

  • SAG & Safety Chair: Cliff Hickel

Please contact me if you have questions or are willing to serve in any capacity. Please consider being a part of a worthwhile endeavor that, through your support, could develop into a premier cycling event in San Antonio.


Bill Blackford
(469) 693-8247
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