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Rain, Rain, Rain.
Seems like June didn’t want to be outdone by May. Hopefully you got in some good riding in between the drops.

We did have terrific weather for the club picnic on the 13th. Lots of members and guests came out for it and it was a great time. Much thanks go out to all who helped organize the picnic and serve at it. Most of us aren’t aware of all the work which goes into something like this and it’s all done by dedicated volunteers who do it for the love of the sport and the good of the club.

July 4th Watermelon Ride Reminder
On Saturday, July 4th come join us for a early start to your Independence Day festivities. Our club ride will feature a rest stop at Bulverde City Park with a break to enjoy ice cold watermelon. Wear your club jersey (why not?, after all it is red, white and blue), dress up your bike with a small American Flag or some other decoration in the spirit of the holiday.

SAW/Velo Valero Joint Rides
One of the casualties of the unremitting rain was our club-hosted joint ride with the Valero club. We will reschedule ours but in the meantime please plan on attending the ride they are hosting on July 11th. It will be at Bullis Park and is the kick-off for their team’s MS150 training. Some of our club members take part in this ride annually as part of the Valero team.

Member Trip
Be sure to check out the article from Wheelmen member Don Preecs below, on his recent cycling trip to Australia. If you have a nice cycling story of your own and would like to share it, please send it to: Include some photos as we always appreciate them.

Organized Rides for July/early August:

David’s Ride in McQueeney July 11th

Tour de Jalapeno in the San Marcos area. August 2nd.
This features two, 26 mile races: one is just a flat-out sprint and the other has two rest-stops in which riders with ironclad stomachs can reduce their times by consuming as many jalapeños as they can. It also has some recreational rides as well. 

Club Executive VP, Kelly Sile and I will be doing the straight 26 mile race and we’d love to know if others members are going to attend. If you like, you can let me know by emailing me at It would be pretty neat for club members to wear their Wheelmen jerseys to show the club spirit.

SAW Century Ride:
A couple years ago, then Wheelmen president, Jose Rojas put together a 100 mile ride for the club and it was well attended. We are again putting together our own century for those who can’t make it to the Hotter’N Hell 100 in Wichita Falls. It will be on the same day, August 29th - more details to come.

As always you can find a more comprehensive list at:


And finally...

How do you know when you have enough bikes? If your spouse can name them specifically, then you don’t have enough. For example if they ask you “Why don’t you get rid of the Trek or at least the Cannondale?” then you’re still good. If you have so many that your spouse says “When are you going to get rid of THOSE bikes?” that’s when you know you have just enough.

See you on the road.

Bill Blackford

We received this from fellow Wheelmen member, Don Preecs
and thought we'd share it with you.


"Livin' the Dream"

Recently, I had a 12 day business trip to Asia which culminated in Sydney. Australia. As I was planning the trip, I determined that I wanted to spend a weekend in Sydney so that I could get in a bike ride to keep up with my training for RAGBRAI this summer. I researched online and found a company, Livelo, in Sydney that rents bicycles for traveling business men by the hour or day. They had a nice selection of bicycles to choose from and they also arranged for a guide to lead the ride so that I would not have to figure out a route.

It turns out that bicycle riding is very popular in Australia. In the Sydney metro area there are frequent bicycle lanes and bicycle stop lights. The city has a website focused on cycling and has free training available for bicycle riding and maps of all bicycle lanes. The ferry boats and buses also have bicycle racks available.

Livelo arranged for a route from my hotel in downtown Sydney, east to Watson's Bay, then south down the coast to Bondi Beach, Tamarama Beach, Coogee Beach until reaching La Perouse on Botany Bay and then headed back north to Centennial Park for a few laps prior to ending up back at the hotel. My guide met me promptly at 8 am and off we went!

There were plenty of hills that were steeper than those in the Texas Hill Country, however I was not able to enjoy the downhill side as most of the roads down the hills often ended at a stop sign or a sharp hairpin turn but the weather and views more than made up for it.

The weather in Australia is the opposite of here so there was autumn temperatures starting out in the low 50's and ending up in the mid 60's with plenty of sunshine. The views alongside of the beaches were fantastic; great expanses of blue water and large cresting waves along the beaches. The towns are highly popular, with very expensive housing and lots of tourists from abroad and as well as other parts of Australia. It was a great ride!

Included are some scenery photos and me showing off the club colors.

Hope you enjoy them.

Don Preecs

Watson's Bay

Bondi Beach

Sydney Harbor

from top of Harbor Bridge



Bicycle Education
The next Road Riding 101 class starts on September 12.
This class teaches adult riders how to ride safely on rural roads while learning to enjoy cycling. One day of academics plus four rides on good country roads with great scenery.

Contact Cliff Hickel at for additional information or to sign up for the class.

New Members
Bicycling Education

Five Things Never Do Before a Ride
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We need your membership and we're constantly looking for your feedback on how we can improve the club. Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to Tony Beauford.

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Pedro Balawag
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