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I hope that you had a great Labor Day weekend.  Maybe you were able to even get some time on the bike.  My family and I traveled to the Southeast and attended a family reunion.  Yes, the family reunion was great, but it would have been even better had I been able to get in a ride!

What would you think about the club having one route of every ride identified as a "stay-together" route?  Based on some feedback from a few members, I think it would be very beneficial.  We've discussed doing something like this and we have implemented "stay-together" routes at some of our most popular rides, like Cibolo and Woman Hollering Creek.  The feedback on those rides has been extremely positive.  However, if we want to extend it to more rides, then we need more members to volunteer.  Please consider giving it a try--you will likely enjoy it!  Contact Andy Hinck if you are interested.

I'm sure that you've noticed that we've gone with a new banner.  We'll be using it to get the word out about next year's Easter Hill Country Tour.

Upcoming Rides
On Saturday, we'll be doing one of our most popular rides,  Bullis County Park.  There are plenty of rolling hills for you hill lovers!   Meet us in Castroville on Sunday.  There is an abundance of charity rides this month.  Please be sure to check our website's calendar or our Facebook page for details.

President's Column
2013 Easter Hill Country Tour:
March 2013 seems like a long time in the future, but for the Wheelmen EHCT committee chairs it is a date that will approach much too fast. Planning a major three-day cycling event for over 1,000 riders takes months of planning and hard work to assure success. We have already held meetings/discussions with the YO Ranch Hotel (a block of discount rooms and the Saturday dinner), The Kerrville Convention and Visitors Center (hotel/restaurant lists, rider packets, porta-potties, etc.) to get the preliminary planning started. The club opened a PayPal account to support registration. The EHCT is the major source of Wheelmen income every four years, so holding a successful event is critical for the economic welfare of our club.
In the next few months some of you will be contacted to help with early planning for the event. The committee chairs can’t do all the work themselves. If you can lend a hand early on contact our EHCT Director, Tom Manning, at 210-496-2351. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Early in 2013 we will begin contacting club members for help with tasks such as driving SAG, supervising rest stops, helping with registration, helping mark the routes, and a number of other tasks. We need 90 – 100 club member volunteers to assure success. You can help on one of the three days and still ride the other two. If you have not helped before, or are new to the club, this is an excellent way to get involved and to meet some of the other members of our club. If you have helped in the past, we need your assistance again.
All riders who register for the 2013 EHCT by February 28th will be entered in a drawing for a free room at the YO Ranch Hotel for March 28, 29 and 30. That is over a $250 value, so encourage all of your bicycling friends to register early. Our goal is to attract 1,000 – 1,200 riders for this great Texas Hill Country event. Get together with your friends and set the weekend aside for a unique cycling adventure. You can volunteer to help and still get in two great days of riding. Also, plan to attend the Saturday dinner at the YO Ranch. There will be drawings for a number of great items (we are currently working with cycling equipment reps to obtain items for the raffle). Bring the family and make it a mini-vacation.
Member Feedback:
Every month Tony Beauford requests member feedback in the electronic Pedaler.  Several years ago we attempted to do a member survey but got almost no response. Either the vast majority of club members are totally satisfied with club activities or those who have ideas are reluctant to pass them on. The only way we can improve the club is for members to provide positive suggestions on how to make it more responsive to member wants/needs. So, if you have ideas let us know.
Cliff Hickel

Thefts at Ride Start Locations
On August 18th, a thief broke into a two vehicles in the Judson HS parking lot while we were out on the Woman Hollering Creek ride.  There have also been weekday break-ins at Bullis County Park.  Riders are cautioned to not leave anything of value in sight in their vehicles during their ride.  Lock items in the trunk, or even better, leave them at home.

We believe that the thieves might be monitoring our website to obtain our weekend ride schedule.  One of the members who had his vehicle broken into provided the following information:

I had my windows partically down to keep ventilation.  The driver door was not locked on my return despite having locked the car by remote when I left.  I later noted that when I went to pay for the drink at Valero that $200 in twenty-dollar bills that I took from the ATM the day before was gone.  I thought that I must have put it some place else, because the criminal left 4 one dollar bills, all my credit cards, miliary ID, DL, stamps, gift cards, and a few other things unmolested.  I also had expensive biking gear in the car, check book, and work-related items, CAC card (military access card) and all this was left untouched.  Two weeks later, I received calls from my credit card companies and bank alerting me to fradulent charges that had been placed on 8/30/2012.  I also reported this to lifelock and cancelled all my credit cards.  I will change all my banking account numbers and call all the credit reporting agencies.   I will aslo call the Houston PD since all charges are being made at stores in Houston, TX.

Again, please be very wise about what you leave in your car.

Payments via Paypal
Since we had several members ask about using Paypal to pay for their membership, we looked into and discovered that does not support Paypal.  However, we found that does support Paypal.  So, you can now use your Paypal account to pay for SAW membership and RES classes through

Renew Your Membership
If you recently received an e-mail about renewing your membership, you can do so on or  You can also print the membership application, complete it and mail it to us.  We need your membership and we're constantly looking for your feedback on how we can improve the club.  Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to

New Wheelmen Jersey
The latest Wheelmen jersey has the same great design, but more lightweight material and a reduced price--$55!  Please contact Vicki Smith.

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