Confidence is not an accident. It is cultivated and maintained by design through extensive and dedicated physical and mental preparation.
Softball Smarts Tips #130:

The Anatomy of Game Day Confidence

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As I have written before, it all gets down to your athlete's game day performance and, more specifically, her performance at the most pivotal moments of the game. That game day performance, in most cases with younger athletes, will hinge on the level of her self-confidence.

The anatomy of game day confidence consists of these essential components:

1.  Proper Physical Preparation Prior to Game Day (always starts at practice with game like intensity and focus).

2.  Proper Mental Preparation Prior to Game Day (including mental imagery and "right" thinking).

3.  Pre-Game Plan (see and expect game success along with a specific game strategy)

4.  Relaxed Body and Mind (including proper breathing)

5.  Positive, Expansive, Energized "Can Do" Thinking.

6.  Proper Verbal and Mental Cues to Overcome Game Adversity (supportive inner dialogue)

7.  Laser Focus Through Process/Effort Driven (and not "results") Thinking.

8.  Ultra Supportive Parents, Coaches and Teammates.

9. A Burning Desire to Be the Best (always "striving" for, but never "expecting" perfection)

10.  A Commitment to Having Fun While Playing!

If all these components are in place your athlete should achieve fantastic performance levels on game day! 

As always, however, mastery is a process that takes time, a lot of work, and a serious dedication to the process. This goes for mental preparation and mastery as well as physical preparation and mastery.

If your athlete does not have a solid mental game plan that leads to consistent game day success perhaps it's time you contacted me. 

I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to find out what might be troubling your athlete, then offering concrete steps to improve her game day performance.  The athletes I work with all over the country are seeing significant and immediate jumps in their game day performances.

What do you have to lose? What do you and your athlete have to gain?

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Remember, thoughts are choose them wisely!

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