College coaches are looking very closely at every prospect to see if they are worth the investment.
Softball Smarts Tips #139:

What College Coaches Told Me at Nationals About Recruiting

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Most every softball parent I speak with is hoping their daughter(s) will be able to play softball in college along with some level of financial benefit for doing so (aka an athletic scholarship).

However, most parents in this position really don't know the whole story of how the recruiting game works...more specifically what the college coaches and scouts are actually looking for in a prospect.

During the recent 14u ASA National tournament in South Dakota I had the opportunity to speak to several coaches from top college softball programs about what they look for in an athlete when they are scouting them.

Here is what I learned:
  1. College coaches are watching a prospect's every move: before, during and after the game.
  2. College coaches are looking for effort over specific results (do they lay out for balls, run out fly balls, hustle to and from the dugout).
  3. College coaches keenly observe how an athlete responds to failure or adversity (by body language, taking a strikeout into the field or an error into the batter's box).
  4. College coaches assess how the athlete handles pressure in big situations (if they lack poise under pressure the coach will wonder how the athlete will deal with the dual pressures of academics and athletics in college).
  5. College coaches look for leadership skills in an athlete.
In short several coaches told me that they don't always look for the most talented players, but rather players with the right attitude and the right mental toughness that they can mold into their system.

Of course having a ton of talent as well can't hurt!

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