As a coach nothing is more frustrating that having an athlete who refuses, by choice or by default, to listen and learn; thus limiting their improvement.
Softball Smarts Tips #131:

How Being "Coach-able" Can Lead to Game Day Success

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In the world of zen, having a "beginner's mindset" is always the key to success and happiness.  When someone thinks they know it all there is no more room to grow or to get better at your craft.

As an athlete it is essential to have that beginner's mindset, to always be receptive to instruction.  We call that being coach-able.  The more coach-able your athlete is the faster she will master a very difficult sport.  Now that may seem like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised how many younger athletes today are not receptive to instruction, to constructive criticism, to being corrected by their coaches.

Sometimes it is because they do think they know it all.  Other times it is because the athlete cannot or will not summon the mental focus to pay attention long enough to understand then implement the coach's instruction.

As a coach nothing is more frustrating that having an athlete who refuses, by choice or by default, to listen and learn.  It is usually these athletes who will then go out on the field and make the same mistakes over and over again.  All unavoidable if they would have only listened, put their ego on ice, or simply trusted that their coach or coaches had their best interest in making them a better player.

It's also no coincidence that the most coach-able kids are also the ones who enjoy the game the most.  They are usually in the "always be learning" mode and are the athletes who focus their thoughts and energy on getting better (via the process), instead of solely looking at their game day results to validate their worth or success.

Coach-able athletes are also the team leaders that their coaches can count on for maximum effort on game day.

Hopefully your athlete is one who is supremely coach-able.  I guarantee you she will master this game and achieve infinitely more success in this game if she is!

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