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Softball Smarts Tips #114
Assessing Motivation & Desire

Whether you are a parent or player reading this it is important to understand how motivation and desire play a huge role on the field. You see motivation and desire are two factors the athlete has absolute control over. Finding one's motivation or reason for playing is super important because in a game as difficult as fastpitch softball failure and adversity are going to happen...guaranteed! So on those days when the game gets you look to your motivation for playing to keep you going and prop yourself up. A strong and clearly defined motive is essential to be your very best. As an athlete gets older the game gets harder and faster. As such an athlete needs to be able to dig deep sometimes to be able to raise the bar of effort and work harder in the goal of mastery.

Desire is a by-product of motivation. If an athlete is highly motivated then desire will be present in abundant amounts. In a recent blog post I asked the question as to whether an athlete could will herself to success.  I believe this is entirely possible with the right motivation and desire. When I coach I can definitely tell the athletes with the most desire to succeed and to be their best. They are the girls diving for balls and the one's asking the most questions. Why? Because they want to get better.

You get out of the game what you put into it. If you as an athlete (or a parent with an athlete) can realize that there is NO LIMIT to how good a player you can be if you work hard enough and truly believe in yourself the sky is the limit! Have the desire to get better each and every day by giving maximum effort. Stay motivated and bring passion and desire each time you step on the field and magical things will happen!

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