To be her best in 2013 your athlete needs to approach her game with a strategic plan!

6 Strategies to Make 2013 Her Best Season Yet!

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2013 is less than two days away as I write this. For most everyone it is the natural tendency to approach the new year with hope and anticipation for good.

As well it should be for your athlete. Her hope and anticipation, as well as yours, should be for her game to improve in 2013.

However, for your athlete to maximize her athletic performance she may need to approach her game differently. Remember, insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results.

If you and your athlete want different results in the coming year try these 6 strategies to make 2013 her best season yet:

  1. Set Clearly Defined Goals -  Why does your athlete play the game? What's the end outcome she aspires to? Goals provide a framework for assessing progress along the journey to sports mastery. Goals should be both physical and mental in nature; short term and long term, and measurable.
  2. Practice with Intensity and Purpose - Being your best means never wasting an opportunity to get better. Elite athletes become "elite" because they approach every individual or team practice with game like intensity and focus. They view every practice as an opportunity to climb the ladder of mastery.
  3. Expect Success on the Field  - I truly believe for any athlete success is a choice; certainly a choice of "effort," but also of "attitude." You can expect success; you can expect failure; you can expect nothing. Make sure your athlete is proactive with her thinking and recognizes that all the effort she puts in to her game entitles her to success on game day!
  4. Always Be Learning - Great athletes always look for any edge they can get to be their best. Paying attention during practices, games, while watching college or pro games on TV or in person can do just that. Any sport is difficult to master, so why not look for ways to accelerate the learning curve? Ask questions of your coaches, your parents, your teammates; watch your opponents, the umpires.  Become a relentless student of the game and the sky is the limit!
  5. See Failure and Adversity as Opportunity in Disguise - For every athlete mistakes are an inescapable part of the game. How your athlete responds to these mistakes will define her success. Once she can see these mistakes as an opportunity and challenge to go back to practice to get better the less destructive these game/match mistakes will be to her confidence and performance.
  6. Develop a Trusting Mindset - For any athlete success is the direct byproduct of the trust-doubt ratio. The more trust the less hesitation and doubt.  Cultivating a trusting mindset will allow your athlete to make better game day decisions and play with maximum effort without fear of mistakes.
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Remember, thoughts are things...
so choose them wisely!

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