Your athlete's level of Game Day performance is fully predictable based on whether her thinking is in the Green, Yellow or Red Zone.
Softball Smarts Tips #133:

Game Day Thinking: Green or Red Zone?

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As one of my books is aptly titled, How She Thinks is How She Plays, your athlete's level of Game Day success can be quantified...even predicted...based on her thoughts when she crosses the white lines.

I have broken down the quality of Game Day thoughts into three distinct "zones:" Green, Yellow or Red.

Green Zone Thinking
1. Consistently positive thinking.
2. Directed thinking (purpose and goal driven).
3. Highly focused and confident.
4. Decisive, energized.
5. "Can Do" attitude.
6. More easily bounces back from Game Day adversity.
7. High expectancy for success.
8. Consistent and sustainable high performance.

Yellow Zone Thinking
1. Positive and negative thinking.
2. Inconsistent focus, direction and confidence.
3. An emotional roller coaster.
4. Decisive and indecisive moments.
5. "Not Sure" attitude.
6. Problems overcoming Game Day adversity.
7. Inconsistent performance at best.

Red Zone Thinking
1. Consistently negative thinking.
2. Scattered thoughts (no plan).
3. Entirely hesitant, un-confident.
4. "Can't Do" attitude, low energy.
5. Highly critical of themselves.
6. Game Day adversity spirals them downward.
7. An expectancy for Game Day failure.
8. Consistently low performance levels.

A good place for your athlete to start is for her to monitor her Game Day thoughts to see whether her thinking is in Green, Yellow or Red Zone.

If it is in the Yellow or Red Zone begin to use positive trigger statements or quick mental imagery to replace the negative, unsure, or fearful thoughts with positive ones to get her back into the Green Zone.

Usually how she feels will tell her what zone her thinking is in.

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Remember, thoughts are choose them wisely!

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