20th January 2015

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Simulated crash test with helmet not properly fixed in front of schoolboys
Safer Motorcycling in Europe
"How to tackle motorcycle safety challenges for the next decade?" This is the question to which RIDERSCAN project will commit to give an answer.  
The EU co-financed RIDERSCAN project, a European Scanning Tour for Motorcycle Safety, in fact, is aiming at taking a magnifying glass and look at Member States' relevant expertise (motorcycling and road safety experts) to draw recommendations to improve motorcycle safety in Europe.
The safety of motorcyclists - and their protection against the risk and consequences of an accident - is a subject of paramount importance, not only for motorcyclists, but for the community in general. While the number of motorcyclist deaths has been steadily decreasing over the last two decades, the dip has been slower than for other road users, in part due to the increase in fleet size that occurred over the same time period.
The need to work on improving motorcycle safety has been recognized by the United Nations in its Declaration for a Decade of Action for Road Safety, by the OECD (2008 Lillehammer conference), by the motorcyclist community (2010 European Motorcyclists’ Forum) and by the European Commission, who committed to improve research and technical development aimed at increasing motorcyclist safety.
The RIDERSCAN project - scanning tour for motorcycle safety - is designed to address this issue, by collecting information to allow for the first time a comparison of situations, fleets, populations and policies between countries and regions across Europe.
The 3-year project was intended to gather existing knowledge, identify needs and disseminate the collected information to relevant stakeholders to promote motorcycle safety throughout Europe. It reports on areas for European action (legislation, standardization, research and political needs), but also publishes conclusions to stakeholders at national level. So doing, the project expects to foster a new dynamic among road safety stakeholders by advancing knowledge, enhancing communication and better cooperation between the various areas related to motorcycle safety.

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