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Welcome to the September issue of the UEM online newsletter. Our aim is to keep you updated every month on the many UEM activities happening around Europe.

FIM and UEM Common Strategy

The UEM President, Mr Vincenzo Mazzi, together with UEM Vice-President, Mr Wolfgang Glas, and the General Secretary, Mr Alessandro Sambuco, met on the 7th of September in Mies with the FIM President, Mr Vito Ippolito, for a complete analysis on the current motorcycling situation in Europe and to put in place a common strategy in order to overtake the many difficulties hindering its growth. Attending the meeting were also FIM Vice-President, Mr Jorge Viegas, and FIM CEO, Mr Guy Maitre, who also agreed on more incisive collaboration between FIM and UEM in the sporting field and when representing motorcycling interests in front of UE organs in Bruxelles and Strasbourg. In order to reach quickly these targets, it was agreed to have as soon as possible a joint meeting between FIM and UEM Executive Boards.

Adria track visit

UEM President and General Secretary visited the modern motorcycling track of Adria, close to Venice (Italy). The track management declared their interest in a collaboration with UEM and to be ready to host important motorcycling events, after the homologation of the track at the end of some scheduled refurbishing to make the track even safer. The track manager, Mr Giuliano Toè, submitted to the UEM delegation also some interesting proposals regarding the promotion of the motorcycling sport among youngsters. Attending the meeting was also UEM Vice-President, Mr Luigi Favarato, who announced that next year some events of the Alpe Adria Championships (Road Racing and Supermoto) will be held in the Adria circuit.
UEM President Vincenzo Mazzi and UEM Vice-President Luigi Favarato with the owner of the Adria track Giuliano Toè.
UEM President Vincenzo Mazzi and UEM Vice-President Luigi Favarato with the owner of the Adria track Giuliano Toè

Project of new championship for a new type of motorcycles

The engineer Franco Barazzuti presented to UEM a project of technical rules for a new Road Racing European Cup dedicated to motorcycles of 50 cc., 125 cc. e 250 cc. classes for prototypes using fuel different from petrol. The project considers 5 or 6 events to be held on tracks outside those in use in the Moto GP or Superbike World Championships and in conjunction with events of regional championships (in particular Alpe Adria) and national. A meeting is scheduled in Assen between Barazzutti and W. Pomper, Dutch promoter of a similar project in order to define a common strategy to reach as soon as possible this objective.

Technical task given to the new UEM Vice-President, Mr Jean-Marc Desnues

The new UEM Vice-President, Mr Jean-Marc Desnues, recently elected in Treviso, received the task to supervise the UEM technical area, considering his renowned professional preparation shown during the many years of activity in the FIM Technical Commission. Desnues, in close collaboration with his colleagues in the sporting activity, in the Academy programmes and in the historical bikes sector, will manage the revision and approval of technical rules of the different disciplines, together with the examination of proposals regarding the introduction of new classes and the use of alternative energy motorcycles in the sporting field.

Prestigious success of Enduro rider formerly member of Team UEM Enduro

The Scottish enduro rider, Neil Chatham, after the happy experience of past year with the Team UEM Enduro, won a gold medal at motorcycling’s equivalent to the Olympics in Kotka, Hamina, Finland, at the International Six Day Enduro. He covered over 1000 miles over the roughest terrain imaginable ed earned a gold medal as a rider who finished within 10% of the leading rider in his class overall. UEM particularly appreciated the good performance of the young Scottish rider and was satisfied for contributing to his sporting growth through the successful experience of the Team Enduro Promotion of past year.

Agremeent between InFront Moto Sports and Università “Foro Italico” Roma

On the 6th of September the Università degli Studi di Roma Foro Italico (Uniroma4) signed an agreement with Infront Motor Sports, promoter of the Superbike World Championship, for the institution of apprenticeships for students of the degree of Sport Management, an academic course open to 40 students a year. The apprenticeship is constituted of 100 hours and it should be considered as a very useful period during which the student has the chance to work on a specific field related to sports.. A similar agreement was already activated two years ago with UEM, and following that experience two students of Uniroma 4 wrote their dissertation based on the experience done at the UEM Executive Secretariat in Rome.

UEM participation to the 14th Euro Bike Week

A motorcycling delegation of UEM, lead by the chairman of the Judicial Panel Mr Rodolfo Romeo, participated to the 14th Euro Bike Week, which was held from the 6th to the 11th of September in Faker See in Austria. The objective of the UEM participation was to monitor the spirit of this event and its logistics. The Euro Boke Week is surely the most important among those involving touristic bikes in Europe. Also this year it was estimated a participation of more than 75.000 riders for a total of 120.000 fans coming from all over Europe. Massive was the presence of motorcyclists from Eastern Europe. Some roads were even closed to car traffic to allow the parades of motorcycles. Many riders contacted the UEM delegation to ask more news on UEM, not only on its sporting activities, and to solicit a greater focus in mototourism. The acuired experience in this an many other important events will be helpful in the launch of new UEM tourism initiatives.
UEM motorcyclists in Faker See.
UEM motorcyclists in Faker See.

Polish Sport Ministry invitation

The Polish Ministry of Sports and Tourism, Mr Adam Giersz, in occasion of the initiatives for the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, launched an Experts’ Conference entitled, “From volunteering to leadership in Sport”, which was held in Warsaw on the 13th and 14th of September and to which was invited UEM, as representant of the motorcycling sport in Europe. The event focused on sport volunteering development and on exchange of good practices in sport leader training. The Conference was organized in the framework of broad consultations with the sport movement in reference to preparing Council “Conclusions on the role of sports volunteering in promoting active citizenship by the Working Party on Sport”. Separate sessions were held to answer the following questions:
- How to encourage action volunteers to regularly volunteer in sport clubs.
- How to train sport leaders effectively.
- Should we certify volunteers’ work.
UEM participated to this important event with its Vice- President, Mr Michal Sikora.



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