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What’s better on a warm spring day than a cool glass of hard apple cider? Not much! To help you explore Brooklyn Cider House’s extensive lineup we are offering a web exclusive coupon for 10% off your online purchase. Just enter this coupon code when checking out:  BCH10  (valid until 4/16/2021)

At Brooklyn Cider House, we use one simple ingredient to make our ciders – apples. So the structure, aromas, mouth feel, and any residual sugar are definitively tied to the quality of our apples. This is why our work begins on our farm. All of our ciders are made from freshly harvested apples, fermented in stainless steel tanks, and aged between two to eighteen months. We encourage wild yeast and microbes to leave their regional mark on all but one of our ciders, often with a boost from white wine yeast. We make our ciders with minimal intervention and strive for balance, depth of structure, and a lively acidity that begs to be paired with food.

Our cider rapture started in the foothills of Urnieta and Hernani, in the Basque Country, catching natural cider straight from the barrel. Peter Yi, a wine buyer, took a break from tasting wines to visit a sagardotegi. It was a gastronomic experience like no other: simple, farm-fresh food, paired with natural cider caught straight from the barrel. Delicious food, incredible ciders, and elated diners filled the cidery with pure magic. It was a thunderbolt moment and not long after his trip, Peter told his sister Susan, "We need to make a cider house in Brooklyn." He was dead serious and within weeks, Peter walked away from a business he built for 25 years and Susan quit teaching to study apples and hard cider. 

That was the spring of 2014. They didn't know a bushel from a bin of apples. What they did know was that they wanted to make a wildly natural cider.

Brooklyn Cider House has come a long way in very little time, thanks to a super dedicated team.  The small team revitalized a Hudson Valley orchard, where they have built a cidery, tasting room, farm store, and pavilion that serves wood-fired pizza and burgers. It’s the perfect place to get away from the city and relax with some delicious cider. 

Visit them at: Twin Star Orchard 


Rosé Hard Cider - Limited Release
(750ML) Shelf Price $10.99
(12 oz Can) Shelf Price $3.97 

Bright and fruity with notes of rose petal, wild raspberry and sour cherry. A touch of sweetness makes this cider irresistible! Rosé undergoes a slow alcoholic fermentation, which we stop midway to capture the apples’ natural sweetness; blended with a touch of red wine; filtered and carbonated. 5.8% ALC BY VOL


Eternal Autumn Hard Cider - Limited Release
(750ML) Shelf Price $17.99

A still, heritage cider made from Dabinett, Ellis Bitter, Golden Delicious and Manchurian Crab apples that was aged on the lees 6 months. Dry, tannic with beautiful acidity and minerality drinks like a light chablis or sancerre. A wine lover's cider.


Three of Life Hard Cider - Limited Release
(750ml) Shelf Price $17.99 

Three of Life is our first Pet-Nat cider -- a bottle-conditioned, naturally sparkling cider with rich and complex character. Three of Life is a collaboration between Founder and Cidermaker Peter Yi and his son, Richard, a recent graduate of Cornell’s Viticulture & Enology program. It is also made with the first harvest of our baby apple trees from Twin Star Orchards, making Three of Life an extra special cider.  7.3% ALC BY VOL



Solstice Hard Cider - Limited Release
(750ML) Shelf Price $13.99 

The limited release Solstice has passion fruit, white peach, lavender and ginger aromas. It is aged on the lees for 10 months which adds complexity. This is like RAW to the next level!

2019 Harvest: Gold Medal winner, GLINTCAP 2019 (Natural Cider)

We also have Brooklyn Cider House’s core line-up in stock. Check them out below!

Raw Hard Cider
(750ml) Shelf Price $11.99
(12oz Can) Shelf Price $3.97 

Inspired by the cider tradition in the Basque Country, we wanted to make a dry, wildly natural cider with beautiful acidity, and we were excited to see what spin New York apples would give to this style of cider. We discovered that the incredible acidity of New York apples really packs a punch, in the true spirit of Brooklyn! Our Raw cider is fresh and mouth puckering with crisp green apple and citrus aromas. Raw undergoes three fermentations with wild and wine yeasts, making it an earthy cider remarkably expressive of its terroir. It is aged on the lees for a minimum of 6 months. -Brooklyn cider House


Kinda Dry Hard Cider
(750ML) Shelf Price $9.99
(12oz Can) Shelf Price $3.97 

"Kinda Dry transports you to an orchard on a crisp, fall day. Fresh tart apples greet you, waking the palate up. But give it a second and it transforms into a friendly finish that is an ideal picnic companion. We think of it as our perfect casual sipper. Like your favorite jeans, our Kinda Dry is ready for anything". -Brooklyn Cider House


Half Sour Hard Cider 
(750ML) Shelf Price $9.99
(12oz Can) Shelf Price $3.97 

"Half Sour is our most thought-provoking cider. It begins with the aromas of wild flowers and honey, followed by a hint of pickled pear. Take a sip and pow! It hits the palate with a wave of citrus fruit flavors that are edgy, refreshing and tickle your tongue ultimately providing endless possibilities for pairings. Our Half Sour answers to no one.". -Brooklyn Cider House


Bone Dry Hard Cider 
(750ML) Shelf Price $11.99
(12oz Can) Shelf Price $3.97 

 "Our Bone Dry is a throwback to the original American dry cider. In that spirit we make Bone Dry with a higher concentration of heirloom and bitter cider apples, age it on the lees for 10-12 months, and then lightly carbonate it. It walks a tightrope of finesse AND intensity. Its clean, crisp mouthfeel is balanced by bitter notes and, of course, a spine of acidity. Is it any wonder why this was our first cuvée to sell out!?" -Brooklyn cider House


Still Bone Dry Hard Cider 
(750ML) Shelf Price $13.99 

"Our Still Bone Dry is not like other ciders. With zero carbonation and zero sugar, it’s the driest cider that has passed our lips. Aged for 12 months on the lees and 6 months more in the bottle–unfiltered–it’s as zesty and racy as a cider can get. Discover why this low-alcohol, high-acid drink is changing people’s perceptions about what is possible for the artisanal cider movement." -Brooklyn Cider House


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