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We write a lot about small production, family owned, biodynamically farmed, and sustainably produced wines that have an interesting story/history, (rightfully so) but how about a wine that just tastes good? A wine whose story is that it is tasty, and that’s it. I present to you Johnson Family Pinot Noir 2018. 

Johnson Family is a value driven label produced as a private label for a great wine distributor David Bowler wines. They used their connections to get a few great winemakers to produce excellent wines from selected vineyard sites in California. These wines usually over deliver for their price, their Pinot Noir definitely does. They are made utilizing the same exacting standards as much more expensive wine; low yields, minimal handling, sustainable farming, French oak aging and minimal fining or filtration but without the hefty price tag. The proof is in the bottle as you will see when you taste this wine.

Who makes this secret private label? Who knows. The distributor’s not talking, but whoever it is knows what they are doing. 

We loved this vintage of Johnson Family Pinot Noir for it’s soft fruit-forward approachability. Pop, pour and drink, nothing more to it. This Pinot Noir is the perfect midweek relief to your day or the weekend crushable get together vino. We have an incredible price on this too! We are offering over 15% off our shelf price which is by far the lowest price around! 


Johnson Family Pinot Noir 2018
Shelf Price $16.99
Sale Price $13.97 

100% Pinot Noir, fermented in four small lots prior to blending. 35% is aged in new French oak and 65% in neutral oak for 13 months. Dark fruits, ripe cherries, spice notes, minerals, and a nice medium body make this a solid Pinot Noir that clearly tastes like it’s from California. Easy going and crushable. A steal at this price!

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