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Skin contact for the self quarantined

PJ Wine sells a lot of red, white, and pink (Rosé) colored wines, as you may have guessed, but did you know we also sell wines that are Orange? Orange wines are produced from white grapes with the juice receiving extended contact with the skins (the pigment of wine is found in the skins not the pulp). Essentially white wine made like a red wine results in an orange wine. 

Orange wines are tons of fun, not just because of their color, but due to the new unique character pulled from a grape you may already be very familiar with. Orange wines of the same varietal will vary greatly from producer to producer depending on the winemaker’s technique and length of the skin contact. 

Today’s wine, Curtido, is the perfect introduction to Orange wines for it remains very fresh, with its beautiful acidity, while you get a bit of tannins from the skin contact. Curtido is a gem that you may know already as it was our best selling Orange wine of last year. Well, the new vintage is in and it is singing once again, or should I say howling as the label would suggest. 

Tiago Sampaio is the innovative young winemaker of Folias de Baco, a project started in 2007 that one could say was spearheaded in his childhood piggybacking on his grandfather through the farms and vineyards, always curious and plucky, willing to experiment at every step of the way. Specifically located in the Alto Douro, in the sub-region of Cima-Corgo – where the land is rough, tough, and challenging – you will find his vines clinging to the slopes of schist and granite at an altitude between 500-700m. Tiago is essentially bridging the traditions of his homeland with learned modern aesthetics, creating field blends of both red, white and mixed from indigenous varietals planted some 80 years ago. Tiago has set his sights higher, pushing the boundaries of his curiosity and what some might not expect out of such a traditional region. 


Folias de Baco Uivo Curtido Vinho Branco 2019
Shelf Price $18.99
Sale Price $16.97 

On sale for two weeks only.

100% Moscatel Galego from 35-year-old vines planted on 2 hectares of schist and granite blended soil. The grapes are hand-harvested in September, undergo vigorous vineyard sorting, partially de-stemmed but not pressed and allowed to macerate for four months. Spontaneous fermentation takes place in cement tanks (5000L) with ambient yeasts and lasts roughly three weeks with temperature control. The wine spends approximately two months on the lees after pressing with no battonage. Aged in cement tanks for six months; not fined or filtered.

The first thing you will notice is Curtido’s captivating peach color and how it seems to illuminate from within. The aromatics are a combination of fresh citrus fruits and herbal notes. The wine is delightfully complex on the palate, revealing different nuances as it opens up (due to skin contact). The soft chewy tannins add to the structure of the wine while not dominating it. Curtido is an adventure in a glass that will have you howling at the moon!


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