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Red, white and…....

Red, white and…. Orange! Thanksgiving is coming up fast, as you are mentally preparing yourself for some extended family time, you might also be thinking of what to drink that day. As you ponder red or white wine, either has many options that will pair nicely with turkey and all the trimmings, perhaps it’s time to add a new color to the mix… Orange.

Orange wine is growing in popularity, not just with the Brooklyn scene, but with those who prefer classically made wines as well. I for one am hooked, as every sip of an orange wine can reveal something new, an intriguing characteristic that at first, you didn’t realize was there. But what exactly is orange wine?

Well, sorry to disappoint you, it is not made from actual oranges but is actually a white wine that is made like a red. White grapes are crushed and the resulting juice is left in contact with the skins and seeds for what can be days or in extreme cases a year or more. Color and tannin are slowly extracted from the skins resulting in wines that are cloudy and often more complex. Orange wines are often low intervention, using natural yeast, usually low no added sulfur, no fining or filtering, and are often organic but not always.

Below are a few of our favorite orange wines, all of which we highly recommend. Pouring a glass of orange wine for your friends and family this holiday season will definitely get a conversation started. Orange also happens to be the perfect festive Fall color, is it not?


Piteira Alentejo Talha Branco 2016 $23.99 $19.97

Quinta da Boavista Rufia Dao Vinho Branco 2018 $22.99 $19.97

Azienda Agricola COS Pithos Terre Siciliane Bianco IGT 2017 $34.99 $29.97

Aphros Phaunus Amphora Loureiro Orange Wine 2018 $26.99 $22.97

Burja Roza Vipava Valley Pinot Gris 2018 $19.99 $17.97

Vinatigo Ancestrale Blanco 2007 $39.99 $35.97

Dinavolo Bianco 2016 $38.99 $33.97

Weingut Maria & Sepp Muster Grafin 2015 $47.99 $42.97

Weingut Maria & Sepp Muster Steireland Sgaminegg 2015 $59.99 $53.97

Alumbro Blanco 2016 $23.99 $19.97

Maloof Beckenridge Vineyard Gewurztraminer 2018 $26.99 $23.97

La Stoppa Ageno White 2013 $39.99 $34.97

Franco Terpin Jakot 2012 $49.99 $41.97

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