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Old Vine Carignan... Woo Hoo!

Self-quarantine… a strange concept that unfortunately many of us are getting familiar with here in New York City. When you become stuck in your home for days on end you might run into the problem of running out of wine…. Aaahhh, terrifying!

Well, PJ Wine is here to help you get through those Netflix marathons by keeping you in vino with our home delivery. We are maintaining our normal delivery schedule, here in the city, and are shipping orders via UPS daily.

We can also help you with your wine selections by suggesting some really cool wines like this one, Tinto de Rulo Carignan 2017. This wine has got it all, and for a very affordable price as well. It is an organically grown, naturally made, medium-bodied, fruit-forward, lush red with a traditional gamey note reminiscent of southern France. We found it quite impressive and we believe you will too.

Tinto de Rulo is a project that brings together three friends and their families, continuing and rescuing Chile´s old winemaking techniques. They work in association with small winegrowers, using only grapes from organic vineyards established at least 70 years ago. Their philosophy is to bring out the character of each place, with neither chemical intervention nor great manipulation. Their goal is to bring each vineyard´s characteristics to the bottle, mission accomplished.


Tinto de Rulo Carignan Maule 2017
Shelf Price $21.99
Sale Price $19.77

On the nose, the wine shows earthy notes with intense red fruits such as strawberry and cherries. The wine is medium body, balanced by bright acidity and round tannins. This red is bursting with character that keeps surprising the drinker with each sip. There is no Chilean green fruit component here, it is more reminiscent of a southern Rhone old vine Carignan, with its rustic characteristics. Not to be missed!

Manual de-stemming. Fermentation takes place in used French oak. Fermentation is spontaneous and natural, without the additión of commercial yeast. The entire fermentation process lasts around three weeks, with daily manual stirring.

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