Melon, Grapefruit, Salt…


The title of this email says it all.

The 2011 Vera “Alvarinho” (Not Albarino; that’s Spain, this is Portugal) is all about that fruit and salt thing—a fistful of zest and salinity that collides together like a Margarita.

Or, as Wine and Spirits put it, the 2011 Vera “Alvarinho”  is  “Layered and complex… starts out flinty, then yields more fragrance as it takes on air. The fruit ranges from honeydew to grilled pear, the acidity adding edges of persimmon and lemon. The lasting flavor has a coastal earthiness.”

And they hit with 92 points.

And you can definitely taste that coastal thing in the glass. The vineyards in Moncao e Melgaco are about an hour from the sea, where they thrive alongside rocky slopes next to the Minho river.

For those whose experience with Portuguese wines has been limited to Vinho Verde, the 2011 Vera “Alvarinho”  is a must try. Or for anyone who wants a touch more weight and expression in their chilled glass this summer, this should also be a Go-To option.

Pair it with seafood with a little fat to it, like sea-urchin, and you’ll have no regrets.

Happy Summering!


Vera Alvarinho 2011  $13.97

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