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A Friday Night Vigil for Protection and Deliverance from Pandemic
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

As I write this letter the monks on Mt. Athos are beginning a vigil (all night prayer service) beseeching the prayers of St. Haralambos and St. Nikiforos the Leper to receive God's protection and deliverance from the pandemic of the coronavirus.  These two saints are the patron saints and protectors against infectious disease and plagues.  

Orthodox Christians around the world are being called to lift up their prayers in unison with the Holy Mountain today, so that our Lord will hear us, help us to repent, and reverse this bad situation which has affected the whole world.  

Tonight at Annunciation Church, in solidarity with the monks of the Holy Mountain and churches all over the world, the clergy and chanters of our parish will offer a vigil similar to the one being offered on Mt. Athos, which will be begin with the Fourth Salutations Service to the Theotokos at 7:00 PM, and continue with a Vespers, Paraklesis to St. Nikiforos, Orthros, and Divine Liturgy.  We hope that you can pray with us and follow along with us on the Livestream

During the Orthros of the Vigil, Fr. Theodosios and I are going to make an effort to pray for every single parishioner in our parish directory.  If you have names not in the directory that you wish to add to the Proskomide prayer list, email to me at  No greetings needed; just list the names of Orthodox Christians (Living and Deceased) you wish to have commemorated. 

The names of anyone you know (Orthodox or non-Orthodox) who may be ill with the Coronavirus or any other illness may be sent to be included for commemoration during this evening's Paraklesis Service to St. Nikiforos.  

Other announcements for the upcoming weekend are included in this MailChimp message, including our new parish website newly built by Fr. Theodosios over the course of the last week, upcoming Zoom Bible Studies and Meetings, and other spiritual resources for our encouragement and benefit.  

Don't let the precious time God gives us go to waste.  Pray, self-reflect, repent, confess, check in on others, help your neighbor in need, continue to support the church with your prayers and stewardship.  

With prayers and love in our Lord Jesus Christ,, 
Fr. Hector 
Order (Typikon) for Tonight's Vigil
  • Fourth Salutation to the Theotokos with Small Compline (7:00 PM)
  • Vespers to St. Haralambos and St. Nikiforos (8:15)
  • Paraklesis to St. Nikiforos (9:00)
  • Orthros with hymns dedicated to St. Haralambos and St. Nikiforos (9:45)
  • Divine Liturgy (11:00)
Words of Encouragement from St. Porphyrios
 “I was unconcerned about the storm and the tempest, which are things of the world.  My soul sought something higher, more perfect. I felt safe, comforted and at rest.  I spent golden days there.  I took advantage of a spell of dreadful wether.  That is how we should think always.  And that’s how we should live through difficulties and tragedies.  We should see them all as opportunities for prayer, for approaching God.  That’s the secret;  how the man of God will transform everything into prayer.  That is what Saint Paul the Apostle means when he says, I rejoice in my sufferings, in all the tribulations he encountered.  This is how sanctification takes place. May God grant this to us.”  
("Wounded by Love," page 48) 
Upcoming Zoom Bible Studies and Meetings
Check out New Parish Website!
We thank Fr. Theodosios for building our new parish website with tech support from the G.O.A. Department of Internet Ministries.  We pray our new website will be an active hub for parishioners and non-parishioners alike, to stay up-to-date with all the services and activities of our church, connecting with our clergy and staff, connecting with our YouTube Livestream and  Parish Facebook Page, learning about our Orthodox Faith and the Divine Liturgy as a first-time visitor, connecting with our Preschool, accessing our Annunciators and Sunday Bulletins, learning about our celebrated 100 year history, and sharing in our  vision for the next 100 years of worshipping and serving God and our fellow man.
Please give us your feedback and suggestions!
It continues to be a work in progress with many exciting additions in the works!
Let's Do This!!!
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