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Dear Al,

Since the very day the Bluegrass Institute opened its doors in Bowling Green more than 11 years ago, we have been fighting to free the 95,000 workers in Kentucky’s private-sector workforce who are FORCED to join unions and surrender up to 2 percent of their paychecks in union dues.

At the Bluegrass Institute we believe, like you do, that union force and liberty are NOT compatible.

That’s why we are excited to inform you that on Thursday, the Warren County Fiscal Court in Bowling Green approved a first reading of America’s first county right-to-work ordinance. It was a local rebellion against Frankfort’s refusal to get right-to-work passed across the commonwealth.

I was extremely proud to be the first one to speak on the issue when the fiscal court met -- and to represent you, the supporters of the Bluegrass Institute – as we publicly stated our support for economic prosperity and individual liberty.

I told the very personal story of Claude Morrison, who has worked for 30 years at the Fruit of the Loom plant in Jamestown. Fruit of the Loom is leaving, but Claude and his wife, Terry, want to stay in the Jamestown Kentucky community where they have raised their family and developed deep roots.  You can watch them tell their story on our website at

Yet because of Kentucky’s lack of a right-to-work law, manufacturers nationwide looking to relocate or expand their operations don’t even consider Kentucky as a viable location. So while businesses certainly come and go, there’s nothing in the foreseeable future to replace the Fruit of the Loom position for Claude or Terry.  Instead, these jobs are going to Indiana, Tennessee and Michigan, the very home of Big Labor.

After one political party failed to gain control of the Kentucky House in November, pundits and politicians told us the Bluegrass Institute’s efforts to bring right-to-work to Kentucky would be put on hold.  The message was “move on to something else; this issue is dead.”

However, the Bluegrass Institute has never taken its cue from politicians. We’ve never hitched our wagon to political talking points.

We know the Left doesn’t sit around waiting for favorable political winds, they are busy even now replicating our on-the-ground, state-wide network of liberty supporters. Believe me, they are busy spreading their ideas of big government.

So, we knew we had to keep working, despite how our political friends were telling us to hold off.

Now that Warren County has passed its right-to-work ordinance, several other counties are ready to do the same. Some of these counties are led by Democrats; some by Republicans. But what they all know is: We must take steps to give our citizens the best opportunity for economic prosperity and individual liberty that we can. They know that locally, jobs are leaving Kentucky and are slow to come back…if they come back at all.

Our plan is that if enough counties pass their own individual right-to-work ordinances, it will: (1) make it very difficult for opponents and (2) will ultimately force the state House political leadership to make Kentucky the 25th right-to-work state.  

But we have to get to these counties and educate them on this option. Click this link today and your gift will make that happen.

If you don’t, it may mean the difference between Kentucky continuing to remain unfriendly to labor freedoms or whether we can break through the barriers that have robbed Kentuckians of their “right to work” in Kentucky.

In our recently released docu-video we included this quote from James A. Medbery, Senior Vice President of Binswanger Company, a much sought-after site selection consultant, including Kentucky: “By being non-right-to-work, Kentucky automatically misses up to at least 25% of all heavy employment economic-development projects looking in the region.”

And with regard to the work of the Bluegrass Institute, James said “If you ever needed to know whether your investment in the Bluegrass Institute is achieving the impact of changing Kentucky’s public policy, then just look at the fact that our efforts have led to America’s first countywide right-to-work policy.”

The fact is, we need momentum if this policy solution is to spread from county to county. We need your financial help today, to continue researching – and educating Kentuckians in the next counties – on the policy paths available to them.

We need the resources to continue developing the “intellectual ammunition” to win this policy battle and to do the research that led us to discover a hidden highlight in Kentucky state law called the “County Home Rule” passed by the General Assembly in 1978 that:
  • Delegates to county fiscal courts the legislature’s authority to promote economic development and regulate commerce.
  • Allows county fiscal courts to approve policies not expressly prohibited by the legislature.
The fact is, we need to be in these counties, which will require a travel budget and staff time. So please help get us to our goal to raise $30,000 for this project before the start of the 2015 legislative session.

If what’s happened in right-to-work states is any indication of what could transpire in Kentucky counties with such a policy, growth in manufacturing, incomes and population would all be significantly greater than in non-right-to-work counties while welfare rates would drop--just from allowing each individual worker to say “yes” or “no” to union membership without losing their jobs.

And with a gift today by clicking this link, you would be partnering with us as this policy unfolds.

In addition, by writing your donation out today, you can reap the advantages of tax-deductible gifts to 501c3 organizations like the Bluegrass Institute.

Thank you, and please – I need to hear from you today in order to ride this right-to-work wave to total victory.

Moving (labor) freedom forward,
Jim Waters, President
Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions.

P.S. Because of the Bluegrass Institute’s research and influence, we don’t have to listen to the pundits or wait for the politicians to act. Your best tax-deductible gift today helps us maintain and grow the momentum that began in Warren County this week and helps us bring right-to-work to counties across the commonwealth. We refuse to wait for the political stars to align in Frankfort. We’re with the county level rebellion to make Kentucky prosperous. Are you with us? 

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